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Love Sprang To Life And She Captured My Heart

With credit card in hand, I pushed the button officially becoming a member of a dating site. Immediately I was given my first date choices and the ability to email each one or just give them a wink that I was interested. Confidently I emailed one person that might be compatible, only to receive an immediate reply that she was not interested in me. I was already nervous about the dating process, now I was even more. Determined, I continued to pour over pictures and descriptions, hoping and praying I would find someone who I would possibly want to date.

I had been alone for five years and although I was happy during most of the time, now I wanted someone. Someone who would share my hopes and dreams and walk beside me till death do we part. Fear crept into my thinking reminding me that I was in my early fifties. I took care of myself, but who would want someone whose body was not like a twenty year old? And who would be brave enough to take on my family of three married children and eight grandchildren, whom I loved, adored and spent a lot of my spare time with?

So I prayed and asked God to help find me my perfect mate. I prayed because I needed His supernatural help to point me in the right direction to the person He had already planned for me before I was even ready to date.

Isaiah 34: 16, “Search in the Lord’s book of living creatures and read what it says. Not one of these creatures will be missing, and not one will be without its mate. The Lord has commanded it to be so; he himself will bring them together.”

These scriptures touched my heart and immediately I began to pray for God’s choice for my perfect mate. A person who was designed especially for me and me for her. It seemed like an unachievable task, but with God’s direction, I believed in faith that He could make my mission to find her possible.

It started as an innocent banter. With me winking at her and then her reading my profile and asking me if I had a clone close to the state where she lived. I immediately typed back that I had a son that lived even further away than me. She immediately responded with a friend that was moving to that state. Our conversation ended and the next week I realized that my reply for some reason did not get sent and so I wrote back. She replied and before long we exchanged phone numbers.

Our conversations took us through every aspect of our pasts. She was easy to talk to and before I knew it I was letting go of memories that I had only thought about and never shared with another living soul. They were painful experiences that haunted me with questions over the wrong decisions I had made in my past over love. She listened and didn’t judge me and I listened to her stories and didn’t judge her. We laughed, cried and continued uncovering every part of our lives.

I looked forward to the calls. The more we shared the more both of us started to connect. There was nothing I didn’t like about her. Every value she cherished in her own life was the very same thing I believed in mine. We both had a deep religious belief in Jesus Christ as our personal Savior. We both ran our businesses with integrity. We cared about people and wanted to help those in need.

Suddenly a spark began to flicker between us and as the days passed into weeks and our phone calls increased, the admiration we felt for each other changed to feelings deep within our hearts. We talked about everything and love sprang to life and she captured my heart.

I know it’s hard to believe that you can fall head over heels in love with a person over the phone, but it happened and I knew it was God! I knew that God had found me my perfect mate. The person He designed for me before I was ever born. Everything about me began to change, I was happy, carefree and so full of hope. And from our conversations I knew that she was feeling the same.

Ecclesiastes 3: 1 “Everything that happens in this world happens at the time God chooses.” Verse 3: 8a, “He sets the time for love”

The stories of our lives took on so many different meanings as we identified what experiences in life had changed us the most. Just thinking about what she said made me realize how much God had been working in both of our hearts to prepare us for each other. It was like we were destined to find each other at this very moment of time in our lives.

She had many relationships and was dating even when we first began to talk, but as the time passed she realized that she was not dating the right people. It was her promise to change who she dated that prepared her for me. It was also the fact that she had never had a family and now my family was a welcomed surprise and not a burden like most people would have believed.

God had started to work with me as well and modified my ideals for the perfect person. He let me see other personalities from those I had once thought were the kind of person I desired. He began to talk to me about everyone having a past and to judge a person for it was something that I couldn’t do if I were to find the right one He had planned for me. With this teaching, He let me see into her beautiful heart.

I Corinthians 13: 4-6, “Love is patient and kind; it is not jealous or conceited or proud; love is not ill-mannered or selfish or irritable; love does not keep a record of wrongs; love is not happy with evil, but is happy with the truth.”

As we poured out our hearts over our lives and what we had been through neither of us were persuaded to give up on the other. We did not judge each other for the mistakes of our past, instead we saw how we had changed from what we had been through. Truth opened our eyes to how our past actually made us better people. People who viewed others with compassion and love; and not with judgment and a long list of records that condemned us for our mistakes.

It is amazing when you let God have control over your relationship, how He can make the way you look at the person you love so completely different from how the church tells you to look at that person’s past choices. Christians are taught to judge the sinner and to walk away from anyone who doesn’t fit the profile of the perfect Christian lifestyle. While God makes you see how the past of an individual actually can make them a better person. God challenges your beliefs and supersedes what is thought to be walls of protection against sin with the wisdom of how going through bad things can actually change you into a better person.

1 Corinthians 13: 4, “Love never gives up: and its faith, hope, and patience never fail.”

This is the way you are suppose to look at a person that you want to date. We are to look at them with the love of God and how He molds each persons character into a better person. When we do this, then we can look past what is called sin and we can see deep into that persons heart. A heart that has been molded by the faith, hope and patience they have gained from what they have suffered and gone through in their past.

I winked at a woman never expecting more than a date. Instead I found the woman of my dreams. A woman that I would spend the rest of my life with. A woman who turned out to be my perfect match, all because I trusted God to lead me down the right path. He prepared both of our hearts just at the right time and He lead us to each other just when we needed each other the most. Love Sprang to Life and She Captured My Heart.

linda c dipman author of the game of life it’s almost over http://outskirtspress.com/gameoflife presents and his love shone down, my true life story! it describes all the persecutions i endured. it will put you on the edge of your seat as you read each vivid detail. you will feel terror and experience love like nothing you have ever read before. lovinghandsministry.com

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