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Love Compatibility Tests Revealed

A boy meets a girl, they like each other, feel desire to be close together forever. They meet, call, kiss in silence and life seems wonderful, full of surprises and pleasure. I truly hope you know what I’m talking about.

But after all the romance, body language, especially as days go buy, we find two people who cannot be absolutely the same. They have different experience, probably, come from different schools and colleges. It is quite usual that they either work in different fields or study at different colleges and universities.

At any rate, we find different people, but just how different are they? We are all people, after all, living on planet Earth, so to say. So we have things in common, after all. Which ones? Well, food, I mean, eating habits and favorite kinds of food. Maybe he loves MacDonald and she loves Starbucks.

What I am describing here is the main way to test for love and couple compatibility: check out on what you agree and think the same and on which points you think differently. But, of course, you can’t just talk about everything, although it might be quite enjoying, especially if you do agree with each other on most of topics you talk about.

But it might be enough to talk about important ones. Think what is really important to you in your love partner. What can it be? Start looking around you, starting from you!

You have a body which needs food, sleep, clothes. So how do you both see what is a good treating of the body, how should you look, what should you eat, when to go to sleep.

You know, even sleep might be an issue. She is accustomed to going to sleep no later than 11PM, but he quite often only goes out after 12PM. Is this a compatible relationship? It might be after all, but that’s an issue to resolve before you can go on smoothly.

Then we come to the dressing code. Let’s say you were brought up in a home where anyone dressed casually is not considered a serious and well mannered person, and, well, when you mother or father repeat it to you too often, you start to think that too, after all. In no mean I’m going to tell what is right and what is wrong here, but.

Your partner maybe was educated a little bit differently, you know, and dressing like going to a beach is his or her way of expressing oneself. So, if you do consider that one a real hard issue to compromise, you better talk and come to an understanding, right?

You can continue further with the list. What about marriage (if it is ok from both of you to talk about it at this point of your relationship), what about sexual life and preferences? What about having and raising children?

All those are questions that when discussed lightly and without being just too righteous, can bring about a far greater understanding between you and clear your love and relationship compatibility.

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