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Listen to Her Actions, Not Her Words

Before I knew how to get girls I would believe anything they said. If a girl likes you and if she wants to be with you then she will. It’s very simple. If a girl wants to have a break or if she doesn’t want to see you anymore, than it’s over. No matter what her excuses are, her actions are the truth. Girls cannot and will not say no to a guy. If you understand that then you are beginning to learn something.

Back in high school, before i had a clue on how to get girls, I would ask a girl to a dance and she would either say she already has a date, or maybe. I have never been told no by a girl before. Maybe is just another word for no. If you understand this and don’t ask her about it again, you are considered honorable. If you actually ask her later if she made up her mind, then you are just going to make her feel really uncomfortable.

Remember that her actions trump anything else that she or her friends say, no matter what.

Another hard thing for guys to accept is that how much you like somebody has nothing to do with how much a girl likes you. Some people think that telling her how much you love her all the time will make her love you too. Actually, the opposite is true. Girls want to have a chase, they don’t like to get guys easily. Time and time again girls will focus on what they can’t have. If you make it too easy for them, then you won’t be able to get the girls you want.

As far as saying “I love you”, that is hard one. It can be very tempting to tell a woman that you love her. I have been in this position before when I was seeing this girl that really liked me for a few weeks. I thought that telling her that I loved her would help her understand how I felt. When I said it, she suddenly became busy whenever we were going to hang out.

You need to hang out as long as you can to say “I love you”. It will mean so much more if you wait until a very special day. Don’t say anything until she says it. If she says i first, you can say it if you want to, but I would still late for a little while. When she says she loves you, say thank you. Wait until the perfect time to tell her, and she will melt for you.

Remember, always keep getting numbers until you have been dating for 3 months. It takes 3 months for you to find out if you should keep a girl. Getting numbers is a great way to build confidence and to practice breaking the ice. After 3 months you want to have a serious relationship, don’t ask her to be your girlfriend or anything like that. I think that is stupid and that if you are seeing a girl once a week for three months then she is your girlfriend and that you don’t have to ask someone to be it. By now she is crazy about you anyways. An added benefit of not asking her to be your girlfriend is that she will always wonder how you stand, which means she will be thinking about you, which means she will like you more.

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