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Life Plan For Love: 10 Romantic Date Ideas for Couples!

Oh, that darling of yours! Those eyes! That hair! This boyfriend / girlfriend / wife / husband / partner / lover is the one for you!

Okay, then – let the lovely darling know. It’s date time! And not the old stand-bys.

It’s time for something new, something special, something sure to melt your love-bunny into pools of adoration.

Slip your sweetheart one of these love potions: 10 tried-and-true romantic date ideas.

1. Go camping.
You’re sweaty, you’re dirty, you’re riddled with insect bites, and according to your date, you’ve never looked better. Hiking a hard trail during the day will bring you close – and cuddling in a cool tent at night will bring you closer. See if you can angle the hike toward a secluded lake; swimsuits optional.

2. Candlelight picnic in the park.
Surprise your sweetheart with a private, outdoor dining area. You can spread a blanket on the ground for cozy, cuddly dining, or set up a small table with a tablecloth for a more refined experience. Or pack up a picnic together. (Come to think of it, a tent might come in handy here, too!).

3. Sunset sailing.
Learn to sail together, or charter a boat for the day. If you can, bring along a picnic. There’s something hypnotic about wind and waves. Be enchanted.

4. Pampering night.
Don’t like baths? You will tonight! Get together bath salts, massage oils, and scented candles. Lock yourself in, and make it hot! (I would also recommend chocolate’s being involved.)

5. Go to the theater.
There’s nothing like dressing up to make a girl-and-boy feel special. Indulge in your nicest finery. Go out to dinner or drinks afterwards to talk about the show, and fall in love all over again.

6. Dream.
For a couple comfortable with commitment, there’s something wonderfully romantic about dreaming together. Go to furniture stores, car dealerships, or on open houses, and talk about what you’d like in your life together.

7. Cook together.
Okay, if this one isn’t an old stand-by, it should be. There are few things more romantic than creating a meal together. Set your table with candles or spread a blanket before the fireplace. Enjoy being alone together, and enjoy getting messy.

8. Go to a baseball game.
Amazingly, a crowded baseball stadium makes for an incredibly romantic date. Cuddle close to your baby!

9. Go dancing.
Lots of options here. If you’re great dancers, head to your favorite club. If you’re not, sign up for lessons. Or stay in and shuffle through tunes in your socks, close as you can be. As an extra romantic dose, put together a CD of romantic songs and dance to them together.

10. Take a walk.
Sometimes the simplest plans are the best. Is anything lovelier than processing along hand-in-hand? Tweak the walk to your specifications: go window-shopping; walk through the woods; walk at sunset; walk at night; but walk cozy-close and tell your love, you love.

So take some time to try a tip. You’ll be glad you did. Focus your attention back on each other; immerse yourself for sacrosanct hours in romantic bliss. Relationships are work! Sweet, sweet work.

katherin scott, the dating coach, author and speaker coaches worldwide and teaches seminars to help people empower themselves to find love and happiness. access free downloads, articles, assessments and katherin’s ezine at http://www.katherinscott.com.

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