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Keeping Him Interested For Keeps

Experienced having a relationship that began brightly, then slowly dimmed into complete darkness? It was as if your man slowly fades into complete oblivion as months pass by and arguments of little things have frequently surfaced. The relationship ceased to be fun and then the gap started to widen until one day you wake up thinking what went wrong.

This has been happening to a lot of great women like you. And the usual reason women give for the failure of the relationship is that men are afraid to commit. But is that the real reason for the failure? You may be attractive physically, but you may not possess the right relationship skills to hold on to him and make the relationship last.

You want this relationship to last? Then look deep inside you and see if there is something that you may not be doing correctly – or not doing at all.

Be Interesting. Let’s admit it, the guys that are worth keeping have met countless women in their lives. The guys that are for keeps know who and what they want and they know how to find it. There are women whose stories are limited to daily mundane things, office happenings and gripes about their supervisors; this is not what an interesting woman talks about.

Broaden your horizon and focus on the things that are yet to come, such as your goals and aspirations, instead of talking too much about the past. Show him that there is more of you than the present and the past. Be passionate and find that burning passion to take on life’s challenges. When you show him that you love living your life to the fullest, then he will realize that you are somebody that he can be interested in for years to come.

Be spirited. Interesting women matters to a great man. He is drawn to women who can make him laugh, knows which buttons to push, and leaves him wanting more. Be mysterious enough to make him look forward for more exciting things the next time he sees you. Know when to crack jokes and when to tease him.

Use these tools wisely as it can backfire when misused. Teasing him a little about minor mistakes and little character flaws can help him become better, but teasing him over something repeatedly can be irritating. Know when to use the right tools at the right time for your benefit.

Be true. It is normal for women to keep their best foot forward especially on the first date. But if you say things that are untrue and project yourself as someone you are not, then you’re in for big trouble down the line. Making him believe from day one that you are someone else, then slowly show your true colors, will not work to your advantage because he will see you as a liar from the first day he met you.

Be true to him and to yourself from the very beginning and you are bound to start off right.

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