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Keep Your Accounts and Profiles with Internet Dating

So you have been on various internet dating sites and after some searching you have met someone, hooked up and things are going great.

Good for you and good luck with your new relationship! The question now remains as to what to do with all the profiles and accounts you have created throughout your searching on various internet dating sites.

You have not logged in to them because you are busy with your new love – fair enough. But don’t be too hasty about removing your profiles and canceling your accounts just yet.

Although you may be happy for the moment, the reality is this new relationship has not had a chance to stand the test of time, and you never know when you will be looking for someone else again. Could be sooner than you think although I hope it’s not!

Many people decide as soon as they have met someone and have gone on a few dates, that they have found the “one” for them and hastily remove their profiles and delete their accounts.

The fact is, when we are in a new relationship everything is great and doesn’t seem that anything can ever go wrong. But sometimes it does. We always want to believe that nothing can ever go wrong so we don’t think about anything else.

Now try to remember how much time you spent building up your profiles! Many of you spent a significant amount of time tweaking and revising your profiles, to ensure that you come off just right.

To help with this scenario, many internet dating services recommend that you do not delete your profile and some sites give you the option of keeping your account open but deactivating your profile so others do not see you.

This way, you will not be contacted by other would be suitors but still have your account information intact. This is the wisest choice as building up profiles and accounts is time consuming and IF you had to start again, all your information is ready to go when you are.

Statistics show that only 15% of people who have met through internet dating and are in a long-term relationship. Don’t let that get you down though because over 60% of people actually find someone on internet dating sites.

So the numbers are there, but it becomes a question of how long the relationship will last. If it doesn’t then you will inevitably begin searching again on the internet. It is the most popular way of meeting someone, primarily due to its convenience.

You don’t necessarily have to get all dressed up and spend money to meet someone. You can do it in the comfort of your own home, that’s what makes internet dating so popular.

New couples are not necessarily honest with each other about everything – just yet. Many men and women admit to leaving their profiles active “just in case” and not telling their new partner about it for fear that they get the wrong idea; that they are not serious about the relationship and don’t want them to feel insecure about it.

I think letting your partner know that you still have your internet dating accounts open but not “active” will make them feel better and at the very least you could do the same.

The most trying time in a relationship is after the first 6 months. The first 6 months is basically the “honeymoon stage” of the relationship and everything is easy. But after that, the true grit of the relationship is tested and most relationships do not make it after the first year.

If you are in a relationship well over the 1-year mark, say 1.5 to 2 years, then you can feel secure that you are on the right track and can think about retiring your profiles for good.

this article was written by shawn wilson, a member of the customer support team at datepad, where internet dating is always free. datepad has a massive directory of informative dating articles along with a great list of dating site reviews on their dating blog.

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