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How to Write Your Wedding Thank You Notes – Proper …

Gift giving is customary to honor and celebrate the commitment of a marriage. And who doesn’t love to receive gifts, especially wedding gifts? Here is an opportunity for the bride and groom to exchange a simple thank you note with a usually more than generous wedding gift. All the more important to make the thank you note count.

A good wedding note begins with an attitude. Approach it with the understanding that receiving gifts is a privilege and not an entitlement. Then proceed with the notes with the same forethought you took in the rest of your wedding plans.

Staying Organized:

Use the same list you used for your wedding invitations. Make sure you have a helper who is next to you when you open your gifts who will jot down the gift that everybody gave. This is essential in the thank you note. Every note should make mention of the specific gift that was given. Consider ordering specialized thank you notes that have an embedded picture from your wedding day. Send the notes out in a timely manner and remember that thank you notes should always be sent out no later than four weeks after you receive the gift or that you return from your honeymoon.

Proper Etiquette:

Notes should note only be sent out for gifts but also for those who devoted time to helping with the wedding. Personalize the notes by hand writing them for each individual present or gift of time. Both the bride and groom should be mentioned but only one person should write and sign the thank you card. Always mention gratitude and some way the gift will be used.

“Dear Grandma Karen,

Craig and I thank you so much for the lovely picture frame. It will fit perfectly over our fireplace and we are glad to have a part of you in our home. Thank you for being such a special part of our wedding.”

Gifts of Money:

When thanking somebody for a monetary gift always mention what the money will be used for. Sometimes it is better avoid mentioning the amount, but sometimes may be appropriate.

“Dear John Laura,
Thank you for your generous gift. Chad and I are saving for a new car and your contribution will help us get the car sooner than expected. When we buy it, we will make sure and stop by and let you take a test drive. Thank you again and we look forward to seeing you.”

Gifts Received From Those Who Didn’t Make The Wedding:

“Dear Aunt Jean

Thank you so much for the bread maker, Mary and I look forward to baking fresh bread together. We are sorry you weren’t able to make it to our special day and we missed you both. Thanks again and we will see you soon”

Gifts Received From Those Who Weren’t Invited To the Wedding:

“Dear Mike and Ellie,

Thank you both so much for movies and popcorn treats. John and I look forward to using them on our first date as a married couple. Thanks again for being so thoughtful through this special time of our lives.”

Service Thank You:

“Dear Julie,

Thank you very much for all you did to help organize the dinner. Everybody enjoyed the steak and kept on mentioning how amazing everything tasted. Thanks again for being such an important part My and Nick’s special day.

Proper Conclusions:

You can simply sign the card after writing the thank you not or insert “sincerely” in the right circumstances and “love” in the others.

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