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How to Tell a Mature Man From the Jerks

Have you even been in a horrible relationship where Mr. Right became a bratty little kid as days went by? I can imagine how you would have wished to be able to identify which man is mature and which isn’t the moment you set your eyes on them. Being able to identify who is suitable from the very beginning is a plus if you want to take the relationship to a higher level, right?

You’re right, immature men can’t hold on to relationships as well as a mature man can. Do you want to know how to identify what a mature guy is like? Being attractive physically is not one of the identifying marks.

#1: Mature men know how to rightly deal with situations. They are the kind of men who find solutions to problems instead of complaining and doing nothing. Mature men have experienced difficult circumstances before and found the right answers without stepping beyond the boundaries.

Criticize a mature man and he will take it positively. Politely point out areas that need changing and improving in the relationship to an immature guy, and he will take it as a personal attack and gripe about it for a long time. But because mature men know how to deal with different scenarios, they will be able to handle things calmly and objectively.

#2: Mature men develop relationships with others. “Tell me who your friends are and I will tell you who are you are.” This is a popular adage that tells you something about the kind of person your man is by looking at how he deals with his relationship with others. If you see him having a hard time communicating and nurturing his relationship with his family, friends and colleagues, then that gives you a clue as to the level of maturity he has.

They are the kind of men who value people who mean something to them. And if they know how to cultivate and make those relationships grow, you can be assured that he will know how to make his relationship with you bloom as well.

In addition, finding a man who maintains an open communication with his past girlfriends is also a sign that he is indeed boyfriend material.

#3: Mature men look at things bigger than he is. Knowing his purpose in life makes the mature man realize that the world does not revolve around them and their money alone. He is driven because he knows that his everyday existence has a purpose.

Remember your reaction when you met someone who thinks only about himself and it made you wonder how this immature man does not care about the future, living his life paycheck to paycheck. Important things never crossed his mind and he always lived for himself and his pleasure alone.

The mature man knows his reason for being, and cares about what other people think and believe in, especially you, his woman. If you respect his views on things he will also afford you the respect you deserve. These are traits that will make your relationship last forever.

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