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How to Talk to a Girl

Girls are different from men. That much is sure, and also well-known. They like different things, they think differently, they talk differently (not to mention a lot) and they are not easy to understand sometimes.

It might be tough to approach the girl for the first time, to ask her out for the first time, but all your courage after you get it done won’t matter anything if you don’t know how to talk to a girl.

There are many tips and techniques on how to talk to a girl, and it is not that complicated to get advice and information nowadays with development of information technologies. So, if till now you don’t know how to talk to a girl, it is only your fault. But it can be easily change if you keep reading this article and check out our tips on how to talk to a girl.

1. Let her see you the way you are. Don’t act. Be natural.

2. Smile. Smiling isn’t talking so it should not be that complicated.

3. Maintain eye contact. Don’t look to the ground. You are talking to a girl, so look at her.

4. Refrain from talking too personal before you get to know her a little. Keep the conversation light. Talk about something you like and know very well.

5. Be interested in what she thinks, listen to her opinions. Argue with her if you have to but don’t make it a fight. Step back and let her win the argument if it is heading a nasty course.

6. Ask about her likes and dislikes, talk about her hobbies, family as long as she opens up. Let her see that you are genuinely interested in the person she is and not in the way she looks.

7. Listen attentively. Don’t interrupt. Make sure she knows you are listening by asking questions and remembering details.

8. Be funny. Crack jokes, tease her, just don’t go too far and keep looking out for the signs of her liking or disliking it.

9. Don’t try too hard. The conversation should have a natural flow, don’t make it look forced.

10. Don’t talk about weight, that’s a sensitive subject to even the girls with perfect figures.

11. Throw honest compliments. Sincerity is a key here.

12. Treat her with respect no matter what.

13. Don’t talk about things that bore her. If she is not a sports fan, don’t talk about football.

14. Don’t be rude, to her or anyone else. Don’t make nasty remarks about people.

15. Relax. It is just a conversation. Keep it simple, honest and positive.

In general it is not that complicated to talk to a girl. You only have to be your best self, funny, down to earth, creative and polite. Make her laugh and feel comfortable in your company. Talk to her as you talk to a friend, get to know her, let her know you. If you follow our tips on how to talk to a girl, success will be guaranteed.

Bill has been a pick up artist for the last 5 years in NYC and can teach you the skills you need to be one. The original article can be found here: How To Talk To A Girl.

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