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How to Seduce Women And Understand How They Think

If you want to know how to seduce women, you first need to understand how a woman thinks.

Reverse Psychology

Women have a keen sixth sense, and they can detect a come-on a mile away, especially if that come-on is loaded with a desire to get into her pants. That is why you have to play it cool in order to get her hot.

Read that again: To get her hot, play it cool.

Restrain yourself. Sexual hunger can overtake most other messages you’re trying to send – both verbal and nonverbal. Neediness is an ugly feature. Poise, presence, and confident contentment with life as it current is, however, are highly attractive features to women.

That right there is why “bad boys” always seem to get the girls. Because they act like they don’t give a damn whether the girl is into them or not.

That’s not to say you should ignore her completely, and certainly not treat them rudely or cruelly. But it does mean that you need to bury the beast enough that it’s not showing through your very skin. In order to practice how to seduce women properly, you need to restrain the sexual urges that are impelling you to seduce her, and instead act casual.

Act like it doesn’t matter whether or not you and she get together that way, and instead just act like you’re enjoying the moment – specifically, the moment with her. Stay present with her in laid-back contentment at the time you and she are having right now, just as it is.

When you act casual – that’s calm, cool, and collected – confident and composed, it makes her more eager to get in your pants. Actually, first she wants to get into your head, then your pants. When she sees that you’re not pawing all over her but rather acting fairly ambivalent about sex with her, she’s only going to want you more.

Now the ball is in her court. Now she feels that she needs to come on to you to make you more worked up over her. Having said that here’s all you need to do to seduce her:

Listen to Her

The biggest turn-on for a woman is to be listened to – to know that the man she’s with is hinging on her every word. You don’t even have to agree with all she’s saying. Women don’t mind friendly challenges to the things they say, because it at least shows that you’re listening to them, otherwise you couldn’t have formed an opinion on what they’re saying.

How to seduce women is very much a silent art. It involves a whole lot more listening than it does talking. You don’t have to know at all what to say, so long as you know how to listen to what she’s saying, and to make it completely apparent to her that you’re do so.

Some critical listening tips include:

*maintaining eye contact – and avoiding getting distracted by other goings-on around you, especially the presence of other attractive women
*leaning in towards her – not too much, now; not so much that you’re encroaching on her physical space, just slightly enough to give the subtle impression that she’s got your riveted
*nodding, shaking your head, and otherwise making the appropriate facial expressions in reaction to what’s she’s saying
*mirroring her posture and physical movements – i.e. crossed arms, tilted head

Play it cool, let her take the lead (or at least feel like she is), and listen to everything she says. That, in a nutshell, is how to seduce women.

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