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How to Propose and Get the Answer You Want

Getting engaged is one of the most important milestones in a person’s life. They’ve probably dreamed about this moment since they were little and only plan on doing it once. When it comes to proposing, it is important that you make it special, memorable and personally tailored to the two of you as a couple.

Including family

Family plays a major part in most people’s lives and deciding whether or not to include them in the wedding proposal can be a big decision. Assess your future fiancé’s relationship with her closest family members to get some clues on how you should include the family in this special moment.

If she’s very close to her family and you don’t mind popping the question in front of them, try to include them some way in the proposal. Maybe you want the proposal to be more private though. In this case, you could inform her family about your plans to propose and have them help you surprise her. After you’re engaged you could bring her to another place where both of your families and friends are there to celebrate with you.

You don’t always have to inform your families of your plans to get engaged though. You can let it be a surprise and wait until you and your fiancé can tell them the news together.

Where should you propose?

Is she outgoing or very shy? If she’s outgoing she might love the idea of getting engaged in front of a crowd of people and being the center of attention. If she’s an introvert, having all eyes on her could make her nervous and she might appreciate a more intimate setting.

Great places to propose are places that the two of you have in common. Where you met, your favorite restaurant or favorite vacation spot are all possible locations.

The Ring

You have two choices when it comes to proposing with a ring: buying one before that you can give her during the wedding proposal or wait until after when you can shop for one together.

This heavily depends on how comfortable you are when it comes to her taste in rings and what you think she would want.

If you plan on purchasing the ring before the engagement, a good way to get clues to what she might like is to ask her friends and family for ideas or get them to ask her about it without telling her your plan to propose.

A safer bet is to wait until after you get engaged to look for a ring together. Remember, this is something she will wear everyday for the rest of her life and it’s important that she loves it 100%. If you don’t feel comfortable proposing without a ring, you can buy a less expensive one as a substitute until she gets the one she wants.

Whether it is during a romantic dinner at your favorite restaurant or on vacation in a foreign city, your proposal will be an everlasting memory and a story you will both be telling for years to come.

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