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How to Meet Women

Do you keep frequenting bars and clubs in an effort to meet women, only to come up empty-handed each and every time?

If so, then you could use a few pointers on how to meet women, or more to the point: where to meet them.

The Easiest vs. the Hardest Places to Meet Women

The absolute hardest places to meet women are precisely those places renowned for being where men and women go to hook up. When you think about it, it makes perfect sense, as everyone’s there for the same reason, the pressure is at its peak, the competition is at its fiercest, everyone’s standards are through the roof, and everyone’s got their guard up,

On the other hand, everyday life scenarios are the easiest places to meet women for just the opposite reasons: no one’s looking for it, no one’s expecting, everyone’s standards are out the door, the question of pressure isn’t even an issue, and everyone’s got their guard down.

The Exception

The exception to the “everyday life” rule is on the street. The street is actually one of the hardest places to meet women because everyone on the street is going somewhere, so in order to meet you she has to stop what she’s doing, delay where she’s going, and pay attention to you. When we put it that way, suddenly you see it’s no wonder that trying to meet women on the street doesn’t work so well.

Alternatives to Bars and Clubs

The following are some choice places to meet women outside of the bar and club scene:
* while shopping in a retail store, department store, or mall
* in line (at the bank, coffee shop, etc.)
* at a mutual friend’s party
* on public transportation (trains, buses, planes)
* in public transportation stations (train stations, bus stops, airports)
* at the beach
* in a unisex hair salon
* at a popular vacation spot
* in class (you don’t have to be a kid for this one either, as adult ed/night school is always an option)
* at work
* online

And that’s not all. Also among the best places to meet people are those discussed in the next section.

Join Something

A great place to meet women is in a setting where you already share something in common, as you would in a club, organization, or group. Joining something like a team, a volunteer organization, or a committee allows you and she to meet in a low-pressure, non-threatening environment where you both know you share a common interest, and you can both get to know each other under the auspices of the activity you’re sharing. Then, when you ask her for her phone number or out on a date, she feels like she already knows you a little. And even if you’ve never yet been formally introduced, she at least has the comfort and peace of mind of recognizing you as a familiar face and knowing where she’s seen you before.

See and Be Seen

The best way to meet women is to put yourself out there. Not for meeting women specifically, but just to see and be seen. In other words, become a familiar face in the settings you choose and women will feel much less likely to perceive you as a stranger and feel threatened by you. The more a woman sees you in the same setting, the more likely she is to be amenable to you approaching her and introducing yourself.

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