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How To Lose Your Date In No Time Flat

There is no easy way to break up and there are no break-ups that are not painful. All break-ups are excruciatingly painful. However this should not be the reason to refuse to learn the art of breaking-up. This should be handled accordingly to be able to live normally after the pain. However here are some things you are not supposed to do but could do if you want to end the relationship as fast as you could.

The Guilt trip: If you don’t know how to break up with someone then I suggest you do this. You will have to list all the negative traits you find in your date and dump it all out on him. This will do just fine and you will see this is the meanest but fastest way to break-up with him.

Appear in public with your new love: If you don’t know how to break the news to someone you date that you already have another someone you love then this should do the job. To add fuel to the fire, display public affection in front of his eyes and do an exaggerated expression of happiness as if you are saying that you are relatively happier to be with the guy you have now than you are when you were with him.

The silent treatment: Do not show up to your regular hang out and leave him waiting there. This will send enough information into his mind that things are really going wrong between you two. When this exact situation happens and he asks you for everything and the reasons why you got to that point, drop the bomb right there and then. You should do just fine.

The hot and cold: If you do not want to break-up but feels like you have to do it anyhow, in the state of confusion do the hot and cold treatment. This will also make him feel confused like you. The breaking up will surely make things slow and hard but definitely it will come around to that later. This will prolong the agony for the time being. And you should also enjoy some security that this relationship will give you during the hot treatment while enjoying the benefits of freedom during cold. Either way, you will always find yourself to be benefited in the end.

Send vague messages: Often times we say things that we really don’t literally mean. If you want to break-up soon, you will have to use this method to tell the other party that things are not the same. Subtle words like, ‘You and I seem to be growing more apart,’ is an exact example which can be interpreted as a change in one’s partner that definitely turned you off.

Those are just the tips you can do if you want to end up being the meanest person on earth during your break-ups. Surely you will set the record for this as the number one heart breaker. This will set off the fire, expose those that should never be exposed and eventually will produce more pain than normal break-ups do and this is for certain.

You have to remember that breaking-up is not a minor thing that you should ignore the consequences later. If you do not have a heart that truly loves and care then by all means do my suggestion and let alone the other partner. However if you do not want any back firing later on, it is possible that you both be thankful of what you two have shared after all you began as friends. It is also possible to end things up as pleasant as it should be. This will help you grow mature and more caring to your future relationships.

When you are still immature, you break up perhaps because your partner could no longer meet your needs or simply because you have already lost the spark. However as you grow mature, you will begin to face all the flaws in the relationship and analyze whether it is still worthy to work out upon or whether they should end it all up. But such ways above as a means to break up is but nothing other than promoting bitterness between persons. If you believe otherwise, then I guess you should try it all out.

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