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How to Know If She is Really ‘The One’?

So after dating for a while, or for a decade or two, you finally decided you’re ready to leave the bachelor’s life behind and go for the ‘M’ word. Marriage is something that makes boys run away, but it is something a matured and responsible man looks for. Your current girlfriend is charming, sexy, pretty, intelligent, and seems to be the life of the party. But is she the one you will be tying the knot with?

Men look for the ‘one’, and girlfriends everywhere wants to be that ‘one’ for her guy. But before you pop that question, how do you know for sure that this will be the only woman that you will love for better or for worse, and til death do you part? Here are some things you should look for before deciding that she is that one you would be happy to spend the rest of your life with.

A common goal in life – A deep understanding of what marriage means, and what your aspirations are in that kind of relationship is a crucial aspect you could look for. You could be headed for disaster if you do not have the things in mind as to what you want in the future. Remember that relationships means working together in almost every aspect of your life, and if you are not working together towards the same thing, then the relationship not only will falter, but disagreements along the way will sure occur more often than you would want it to.

Independence – It might be cute to rescue a damsel in distress once in a while, but a clingy girl who is totally dependent on you is something you should reconsider. You would want a partner that can handle herself so that when things don’t go wrong, she can take a stand and stand with you. You want an emotionally mature woman who will live her own life, while sharing her life with you as well.

Anticipation – If you look forward to doing things with her, sharing your passion and interests with her, and let her into your life, then this can be an indication that you are growing and will still want to grow with her. You know you are both on the same page and it is truly important to be yourself and express yourself with the person you will be living with. If you can share your laughter with her, as well as tears and vulnerable moments yet feel safe, then she could indeed be the one.

Some married couples, especially those who have been married for a long time will tell you this, ‘When you wake up beside her, with her unkempt hair and pale morning skin, and tell yourself that she’s the most beautiful girl in the world and that you want to spend the rest of your life with her, then she is the one’. So when you wake up beside her tomorrow morning, ask yourself this, and you may be surprised with your answer – and hopefully it’s a pleasant surprise.

Criss White is a professional article writer for relationships, weddings, and various other topics. To view some love favors or to get more planning tips and wedding favors, visit Bridal and Wedding Favors. Note: This article may be reprinted in your ezine, blog, or website as long as the credits remain intact and hyperlinks remain active.

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