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How To Get Your Girlfriend Back 3 Friendly Suggestions

Okay, so you made a mistake and now you want her back. Common story! Men are made to be vain creatures, and that’s the reason why most times they will hurt their woman without realizing it, and then it might get too late when she finally walks away. And then after some time, they will realize the huge void that’s created in their world when their best woman went away, and they will want her back.

This happens all the time. No wonder it has happened in your relationship too; most couples have to pass through this phase. But then, there are amends that must be made and soon enough. Like a good friend, I am laying out three suggestions to you. Use one of these if you are wondering how I get my girlfriend back, and I guarantee she’ll be back in your arms soon.

1. Come down your high horse a bit. Probably she was wrong, and the fight was justified, but who doesn’t make mistakes? Men find it very difficult to let go of their emotions. They also get overworked and overreact most of the time. Probably you overreacted too. That’s why she is not with you today. So, the first thing you must do is make up your mind to get her back. Then, call her up. I am sure you must not have called her all these days at all. You must be thinking, ‘Why must I call? She should call!’ But trust me, it doesn’t work that way. Women won’t call back after a fight. You have to call her, tell her that there were problems and you will be levelheaded the next time there’s something like this and that you really want her back. Tell her that there will be no apologies because this is love, not an ego race. In 9 cases out of 10, just a simple earnest phone call will solve everything.

2. Take the help of a common friend. There’s always a common friend who means well for the both of you. Discuss your problems with this friend. There’s every chance that she has spoken with the friend too. If not, then she will. That way, both of you will know each other’s side of the story, and then you can work it out. You cannot imagine how helpful a common friend can be, who only wishes to bring you back together.

3. Write to her. Writing is a wonderful means of making your message felt. Probably you will not be able to say everything you want to her, and probably she will interrupt in between or even walk away. But no one can interrupt a flow of written words. This is what will really work if you are wondering how to make your girlfriend want to come back to you. There’s no need to be romantic, but you must be sincere with your words. This will reopen the communication lines between you, and then you can work your way towards smoothening out the creases.

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