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How to Get Your Ex Back and Win Back the Love of Your Life!

If you have ever been in a relationship you know just how painful a break up could be especially if you keep thinking about your ex after the fact. Nothing is worse getting over your ex after you have invested much of your time and still think about all the good times you had.

If you ever wondered how to get your ex back avoid making these mistakes:

– Trying to convince them you are the love of their life
– Apologizing for everything
– Promising to change for good
– Begging them to take you back
– The constant calling and texting
– Showing up at the same locations as your ex

Nothing radiates neediness and desperation than the above. These traits are not admirable and something that a lesser male would do.

1) Take A Break:

As a matter fact the first step in getting your ex back to so take a break from the relationship. Yes, that means stop calling, emailing, stopping by, or showing up at locations where you think your ex will be found.

2) Is It Worth Fighting For?

Secondly you must look in yourself and really be brutally honest. Do you really want to be back with your ex? Write down on paper all the things you have in common and all the positives and negatives of the relationship. If there are far more negatives then it’s obvious that you must move on and don’t look back.

3) Take Care Of Yourself:

The underlying secret in how to get your ex back is you must keep your appearance up and take care of yourself first. Also you will want to go out with your friends and don’t be afraid to talk to other women. This will work wonders if her friends see you with other women having a great time, they are bound to go back and gossip back to your ex.

Keep your schedule and don’t neglect your hobbies. If you enjoy playing guitar, going to concerts, fishing, painting keep going at it. It will help you keep your mind occupied.

The most important part is to have fun. When you can genuinely show you are having fun you will automatically ooze confidence – nothing is sexier to a woman than a man who radiates confidence.

The whole point to is to have your ex wondering what you’ve been up to and with the help of her friends seeing you going out and having fun and moving on she will without a doubt wonder what she’s missing.

4) Reconnecting:

Now you are ready for first contact starting with a phone call. You intention here is to meet somewhere without using the word date. Remember you sole objective is just to be seen by your ex and have some fun. You want to focus on doing something fun to ignite that spark again.

Whatever you do don’t do overboard, you don’t want to appear as though you are trying too hard, keep it simple and meet for coffee or a light lunch.

There you have it – your second chance to win your ex back. Good Luck!

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