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How to Get Your Ex Back – Advice

We have all experienced the heartache of a break up at some time in our lives. It is never easy and each of us believe we are the first to have ever encountered pain like it…though we’re NOT. Neither is the situation as dire as we may at first feel. Whilst there are usually sound reasons for a partner wanting to split up with us, equally there are some tried and tested ways to possibly get your ex back


Be Understanding – one of the key things that you can do when your partner first says they want to split is to be agreeable. They may well be expecting an argument or anger and it will be a pleasant surprise for them if you do not react in that way. It will show them you are prepared to be sensible and amicable about the split. Undoubtedly it will also unnerve them slightly because them they are left wondering why you have accepted it all so well.


Space – You must now give your ex partner the space they have asked for. This will give you time to reflect on the relationship and what may have gone wrong. It will also give your ex time to think and possibly even begin to miss you. The longer you stay quiet the more curious they will become about how you are and what you are feeling. This is human nature.


Reflection – Hopefully your ex will have told you some of the reasons for why they wanted to split up. Take these reasons on board and see which you can do something about, and do it! There may be things that you can do nothing about and you will have to work out if they are “deal breakers” within this particular relationship. Make sure your ex is made aware of your acceptance of the need for these changes and that you’ve made an effort to change. It is no good to simply “promise” to change. More likely than not your ex will need to see proof that you have changed.


Self Analysis – Take this time to look at any other changes you want to make for yourself. These may be physical changes, ie, lose weight, new hairstyle or social changes i.e get back out with your friends, take up a sport or hobby. Such changes will make you feel better about yourself and will also make you attractive again to your ex.


Re Establishment Of The Relationship – having taken this time apart and ascertained that you still want to get back with your ex, you must start to rebuild the relationship slowly. Try to be similar to that person your ex originally fell for. Take it a day at a time and have fun together.

These are only some of the key things to do to help you win back your ex, if you’re serious about doing everything you can to get back with your ex then I suggest you continue learning as much as you can and make sure you know about the mistakes you should avoid, otherwise, you may make things worse.

did you know that there are lots of awful mistakes that you could make when tying to get your ex back? learn how to avoid them and how to get your ex back before you make any moves.

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