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How to Get Over a Serious Breakup

One of the hardest things to do in life is to break off a long term relationship, engagement, or marriage. Yet sometimes what’s even harder is getting back out there and trying to start over again.

There are tons of experts and authors who all claim to have proven systems for getting over serious relationships. Yet really the majority of the time you need to do simple and productive things to keep your mind occupied while you heal. In due time, you will know if you are ready to move on and start seeing new people again.

Here are some simple things that you can do to help facilitate this process and recover quickly. The overall theme is to keep the focus on you and bettering yourself. This works in two ways, first by keeping your mind of the break up and secondly by improving yourself. You can get things done that were put on the back burner while the relationship was your number one priority.

You can approach this method through three aspects of yourself physical, mental, and spiritual. While working to improve these three aspects of yourself you will speed up the recovery process and come out a better person.

The first one is very simple to do, working on your physical self can be done through getting a gym membership or signing up for any kind of sports program. There is a close link between exercise and happiness, and raising your activity level will help you get out of the dark faster.

The next aspect to focus on is your mental well being. If you are in any kind of educational program i.e. college or grad school you can simply rededicate yourself to your school work. Often times students’ grades drop when they are in a serious relationship and this opportunity gives you a chance to focus on your school work and improve them.

If not in school you can pick up a few books that you’ve been meaning to read but have been too lazy to get to. Again the point is to distract yourself from brooding over your ex by doing positive things. This way you will raise your self esteem while getting over the break up.

The last step which involves spirituality can be interpreted many different ways depending on people’s personal beliefs. If you are religious again a simple re-dedication to your faith can help distract you from depressing thoughts that follow a difficult break up. Any other spiritual activities can have similar effects and are recommended.

These are a few simple strategies for dealing with breakups, and once you have made headway in each of these aspects you can begin to consider meeting someone new. Quite possibly the worst thing that you can do is jump back into a new relationship without properly getting over the last one.

It may seem daunting but some experts recommend remaining single for half the amount of time that the last relationship lasted. In some cases this rule of thumb may be too extreme but a reasonable amount of time should be taken to work on these methods between relationships.

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