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How to Get a Girl to Like You

There are questions that are asked over and over again by generations of men. Be it 17th, 19th or 21st century a man wants to know how to get a girl like him. There is no definite answer to this question, there is no universal recipe but there are continuous attempts to understand the way woman’s brain (or rather heart) works.

What you get to read below is just a number of recommendations that could make sense if you want to get a girl like you.

1. Be confident

Women feel safe with men who are self-confident. Just do not act. A girl would definitely know. And make sure that you are confident, and not arrogant or impudent. Don’t be shy, don’t mumble, she won’t appreciate it. Look her in the eyes and let her see the confidence in your eyes.

2. Be funny

Sense of humor is one of the top qualities a girl looks for in a man. A man who can make a girl laugh has gone half the way to get her like him.

3. Be a man

If you want to get a girl like you, then be a man. Be strong, be courageous; let her feel safe with you. You are the stronger sex. Every now and then every woman, no matter how feminist, wants to feel weak and know she is well protected by the man with you. Once you mastered this you will definitely get the girl like you.

4. Have good manners

Manners matter. Be polite, show respect, hold open the door for her if you have to. Good manners reflect the level of care, understanding and kindness. At least they do for a girl. It won’t hurt if you follow the basic rules of courtesy.

5. Be responsible

Each human should be responsible, and a man should be twice as responsible, especially if he want to get a girl like him. Be responsible for whatever you do or say. Keep your promises; don’t say anything you can’t take responsibility for. If a man is irresponsible, a girl can’t trust him, hence she can’t rely on him. Obviously no ground for getting her like you.

6. Be different

If you want to get a girl like you, you should show her that you are not like anyone else. Show her the best you’ve got. Be yourself but be interesting. Get her hooked.

7. Pay attention to your looks

Pick stylish clothes, wear clean shoes, may be wash your hairs. Appearance matters. You do not have to wear expensive clothes or suits. Just make sure there are no stains and your pants/jeans/shirts/et#1089; are ironed.

8. Get her girlfriends like you

There are more chances to get a girl like you if she knows you are well liked by other women. Be courteous, be funny, be their friend, flirt with them. Once they like you it is important not to overstep boundaries. Show your girl that you appreciate all the attention you get but she is the one who matters the most to you.

9. Be conversationalist

Those who are interesting to talk to attract attention. Talk to her, find out what she likes, what she is interested in, share your experiences. Avoid awkward silences. If you don’t know what to say, you might consider getting back to point 1 of this article.

10. Be generous

Or rather don’t be greedy. You don’t have to pay a lot of money all the time, but small surprises, little gifts every now and then will do the trick.

It is not that complicated to get a girl like you. You can follow these recommendations, can come up with your own. Important is that you remain yourself. Do not act, do not pretend to be someone else, and do not lie. Eventually (if not instantly) she will find out.

If you want to get a girl like you, be yourself.

Bill has been a pick up artist for the last 5 years in NYC and can teach you the skills you need to be one. The original article can be found here: How to Get a Girl to Like You.

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