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How To Discover Cheating Husband When In Bed With Him

If your husband is lies is like any other criminal, he always leavesmanyl traces of his crime behind. But you need not be a Sherlock Holmes to understand these traces. The only thing you will need is what you already have, a woman’s mind. Women have uncanny instincts to understand that their husband is having some fun on the sly, and they certainly do not need this article to guide them in the first place. But even so, let me tell you how to uncover the whole truth from cheating when you in bed with him.

The following are some tips and pointers that can help you get an indication. Are any of these happening with you?

1. Your husband often claims he is too tired for sex. And this might go on for various nights together.

2. He seldom initiates the sexual act. It is mostly you who go up to him.
3. While the sexual act is in progress, he usually likes to get serviced by you, if you know what I mean. Most times, you are left wanting for more.

4. This is very important, and most men do not know they are doing this one themselves; there is no eye contact during the sexual act. He generally looks away, or he has that distant sort of look, or he keeps his eyes shut. When he does that, he might be thinking about someone else with whom he’s sharing the same kind of happening.

5. Sex with him is purely mechanical and superficial. You can feel him working like a machine, the same moves, the same (exaggerated) noises, the same tricks, the same way of reaching the big O. If there is no variation in the act day after day, and if he does not want to bring any variation into it too, you must get your antenna up!

But, men are unpredictable creatures (don’t we all know that?). Sometimes, they will behave in a totally opposite way in bed when they are having an affair. Again, you must look out for these things:

1. Your husband suddenly seems to be full of energy. He wasn’t so exuberant before, but you can find a surprising change in him.

2. He wants you to have sex with you all the time. Again, this wasn’t the case before. Also, he needs you more on the rare occasions he is at home.

3. Each time in bed, he is bringing in new tricks, which he has never even discussed with you before. He might try out some perversions with you too, though you may not like them. And you are sure he did not know all these things before. You get the feeling he’s a changed man in bed.

4. You get the inner woman’s feeling that someone else is handling his body too. This cannot be explained in words; it is just an inherent feeling all men have.

Having said all that, it is necessary to say that you must not jump the gun if you find any of these indications in your men. As already mentioned, men are unpredictable creatures, and you can never tell how they will behave. And that applies to their bedtime adventures too. More concrete evidence can be provided by some of the newer investigative techniques that have been developed, such as using software and tracking systems for his bills, etc. These are sure shot methods for anyone contemplating on way discover if your husband is cheating.

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