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How To Be Cocky With Women

When dating guru, David Deangelo came up with a wonderful idea of being ‘humorous and cocky’ to impress girls, many guys heard of it and went home sulking. However, as time passes, this technique of picking up girls is getting more commonplace and almost all guys are said to be using it now. Not only does it work, many have claimed that it has brought them lots of girls. It is not tough, you just need a little practice and off you go!

Lets lay some ground rules first, you have got to grasp the understanding of what being funny and cocky is about. To be funny and cocky, you got to make people laugh, however if you see someone just staring back at you after you said something you suppose was cocky, than maybe its not so cocky after all. Stop digging deeper into your grave and drop the topic! The words of the guru, “Try to be as cocky as possible.” If you are not, then you will just end up looking goofy which is not a good thing at all.

Astonishingly, arrogant and confident men are very attractive to ladies and it is these kind of men that can make a woman laugh. Humor the girl with you cocky and funny comments and she would definitely be impressed.
Here are some tips that you can look to on building the right amount of cockiness that attracts girls instead of repel them.

1. The right amount of cockiness

It is essential that you do not go overboard with you cocky comments and jokes. Ladies love the arrogance, but not too much of it. Keep it a healthy balance between being cocky and funny, while at the same time nice and gentlemanly when the occasion calls for it. Girls also tend to shun away from those who are way too weird for them or are simply too arrogant.

2. Be attractive in other ways

Being cocky is easy, but it also takes confidence to pull it off nicely. Body language comes into play here when being cocky. How you speak and the way you carry yourself can be the make or break in landing on a date for the next time you go out. Women can look past your actions and see whether you are truly confident or are just a nervous guy. If your cockiness comes out all wrong, it will impress no one.

3. Learn to be playful

To be cocky, you have got to be playful as well! The playfulness in you can actually mask your over-arrogance and thus increasing your appeal. When talking to a lady, approach the conversation casually as you do not want to look too serious.

Knowing when and how to use the proper cockiness and humor in your conversations is a big plus point that attracts females to you. It helps to draw out the good characteristics of a man, confidence, humor and social intelligence which most girls look for in guys.

Always keep in mind that the formula is being cocky and funny at the same time. Wandering to either extreme only causes you to lose out even to the ‘nice’ guys. Mixing the both of them together, you create a magical formula that wins you the attention of ladies with the snap of a finger.

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