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How to Attract Women

If you type into search engine “how to attract women” you will find thousands of websites with free (or not so free) pieces of advice. There are different thoughts and even schools on how to attract women and charm them into liking you.

Some promise it works almost instantly, others insist that it should take you some time before you actually get a woman attracted. All of them promise that following their tips and techniques you will be able to date actresses, models, or just any hot girl you meet out there.

You might be confused what to follow and who to listen to. Yet there are few common techniques, or rather recommendations that will help you to achieve your goal – to get to know how to attract women.

1. Looks matter
Once again, if you want to attract a woman, you got to start with the basics. You have to look clean, and you have to smell clean. If you don’t, then don’t even get started.

2. Be confident
It can be repeated over and over again. Women like their man confident. A confident man is sexy, and makes her rely on him.

3. Be strong
Even though a woman might not admit but she likes to feel weak every now and then. She likes a man to take care of her worries and problems. She doesn’t need someone who will force his problems on her to deal with. Handle it on your own.

4. Compliment her
She is a woman. She loves appreciation. She wants you to acknowledge that you realize how great she is. Just don’t do compliments for the sake of it. She will understand you are lying. Compliment her when she deserves it.

Always acknowledge her new looks, new dress, new hair style. She made some effort to look beautiful for you, and it will piss her off if these efforts go unnoticed.

In no situation tell her she gained weight. It will surely not be appreciated.

5. Be true to your word
If you don’t keep your promises she will think you are just any other guy out there. Keep your word. If you said you will pick her up at certain time, then do it. If you can’t let her know in advance and apologize for being late. Don’t show up at her door an hour later and expect her to be happy. You will be lucky if she even opens that door.

6. Be funny
Girls like guys with a great sense of humor. A good joke can change the course of a seemingly ruined evening. Don’t make rude and mean jokes, don’t make fun of people, at least in the beginning, because who knows, maybe that’s exactly what she likes.

7. Flirt
Each woman feels flattered if a man shows interest in them. Flirting is a game they won’t refuse. Just don’t go too far too fast.

8. Bring flowers
It might be old-fashioned but it still works like a charm. Flowers with small gifts don’t oblige her to anything but make her feel important to you. Women love to get pampered every now and then. Use it.

Of course, there are many more tips on how to attract women but you can as well start with these ones and see how they work in your particular case. Remember that for a woman it is important to feel significant in your life. Give her that, and you are half way there.

Bill has been a pick up artist for the last 5 years in NYC and can teach you the skills you need to be one. The original article can be found here: How To Attract Women.

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