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Get Ready To Start Having Text With Local Text Dating

There is a new type of flirting in town, and a new glossary to go along with it. Are you ready to start having text? It may sound like a slightly scary question, or perhaps something you might ask a brochure designer or printer. But what the question really refers to is the practice of meeting people with local text dating.

Imagine that it is early evening on a Friday night. You have just gotten off work, grabbed a bite to eat, and you are ready to hit the town. But your normal posse is out of town, or working late, or out on dates of their own. So what do you do? You pick up your trusted cell phone or PDA and head out the door with the entire contents of your local text dating service profile database in your pocket.

As you walk down the street to your favorite coffee shop or pub, you review the profiles of the local text dating service and pick a likely candidate or two. You order yourself a drink, find a private table, and send a few cute and witty texts. Immediately, you get a response. He or she is equally witty, and so you commence having text.

What R U doing tonight?

Not much, U

No 1 around. Bored. Might catch a game of billiards.

I luv billiards. Where R U?

Mikes Bar on 8th.

I know Mikes. B there in 15.

K. C U!

And with very little time, you have moved from having text to a face to face meeting with local text dating!

Of course, it does not always work out exactly like this, and sometimes it can take several weeks of texting before you are both comfortable meeting in a public place. But local text dating is no different from any other type of dating in this regard. Take, for instance, the standard pick up in a bar scenario. Sometimes it works, a lot more times it does not.

As with any other form of dating, when you are using local text dating, you should always follow some very basic rules of safety. In the example above, for example, the two people are meeting for the first time in a public place. Until you are comfortable and have developed some level of trust with a person, you should never allow them to pick you up at your home or allow them to come home with you.

You should also never use a local text dating service in complete secrecy. Someone you know and trust should be aware of your activities. A family member or close friend should know you are using this service, and should also know when you are going to meet up with new people. This way, if you ever find yourself in trouble, someone knows where you went and what you were doing.

If you follow a few basic safety rules, local text dating can be a fun and exciting way to meet people. Even if you are normally shy, communicating through text messages tends to liberate us and remove some of our fears. So, get out there and start having text!

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