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Free Marriage Compatibility Tests

Does your marriage have what is needed to last? Sometimes it’s hard to tell how things are going in our marriage because we are so close to the situation. Truth is, your marriage may be on the road to success or to ruin. Free marriage compatibility tests can’t give you all of the answers, but this one can at least point you in the right direction.

Instructions: ask yourself the following questions – and be sure to answer honestly. Mark down how many times you answered “Yes”:

1. Do you seem to read each other’s thoughts?

Many married couples – whether they have been married for mere months or many decades – are in-tune with each other in an uncanny way – almost as if they can read each other’s thoughts. The ability to do so is a sign of intellectual compatibility in a marriage.

2. Do you consider your spouse to be your best friend?

Good marriages rely not only on physical attraction, but on friendship as well. If you can freely share some of your most private thoughts with your spouse – and do so regularly – this is a sign of a healthy marriage.

3. Is your spouse the person whom you would most like to take on a sightseeing tour?

Imagine that you have just won a contest for two free tickets to the sightseeing destination of your dreams. In your heart of hearts, whom among the people you know would you most like to take with you so that you could enjoy the opportunity to its fullest? If you answered “my spouse,” give yourself a point.

4. Are you able to recognize and accept the differences between you?

Members of all married couples on the planet have their differences: different wants, needs, values and ways of being. Ask yourself whether you and your spouse able to recognize and accept the differences between you.

5. Is it impossible for you to imagine happily spending the rest of your life without your spouse?

If you and your spouse were to separate – or one of you were to meet an untimely death – is it almost impossible for you to imagine a happy life without him or her? If so, it is a sign that the two of share a very deep bond.

6. Does your spouse regularly give up something they love in order to please you?

People want different things and have different needs. The ability to compromise on most or all of these differences is the sign of a strong marriage.

7. Have both you and your spouse taken turns initiating lovemaking at least once each over the past month?

Making love is an important indicator of physical compatibility in a marriage. If you find that both you and your spouse initiate lovemaking alternately, that is a sign that things are healthy in that department. On the other hand, if one of you is dissatisfied with your physical relationship – or if you find that only one of you tends to be the one to get the lovemaking going – there could be compatibility issues.

8. Does your spouse often express physical affection towards you, like touching or hugging?

Touching, hugging and caressing each other frequently is an important way of showing love in a marriage.

9. Does your husband or wife ever give you little surprises?

Life for most married couples can get pretty routine. The habit of giving each other occasional gifts and other little surprises shows a deep level of love and compatibility in a marriage.

10. Do you feel that your spouse respects and admires you?

Physical attraction and the division of labor (raising kids, household chores, bringing in income) is not enough to keep a marriage healthy and happy. In addition, mutual respect is an important part of any good marriage.

Now, it is time to score your free marriage compatibility test. If you answered “Yes” 7 or more times, the two of you are an extremely compatible couple (and are very lucky to have found each other!). If you scored 6 or below, you may have some work to do in improving your marriage for better compatibility.

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