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Forget Cardio Try Sexiovascular

There’s a new workout sweeping the nation – it’s called sexiovascular. For those of you who don’t know what it is, it’s a combination cardiovascular, Pilates, yoga, and weight training – all in one.

So here’s what you need to do to perform excellent sexiovascular activities. There are a couple of different positions that you need to know, and a few different training exercises.

One is man on top, woman on bottom.

Alright – yeah, we’re talking about sex! If you want to get a great SEX-pack, listen up!

So what you do is get the woman on the bottom. What you do at that point is that get on top of her, you climb in and insert yourself into her – we need to get technical here for all of you work-out junkies – you then need to lift your body off of hers.

At this point, your elbows are locked, your chest is in a bit of an Upward Dog position in yoga – if you don’t know what that is, go to www.yoga.com and look up the position “Upward Dog.”

Then, at that point, you’re actually curling your spine – this is a great spinal thing – and while you’re curling your spine, you need to suck your back ribs in. If you suck your back ribs in, you’re just going to be moving directly from your hips and stomach.

At this point you start curling into her. You should do ten sets of ten.

She will cum before then, because it’s going to hit the clit really hard! But you need to do at least ten sets of ten.

It’s going to be a great workout for you. It will work the following muscles: your chest, your back, your shoulders, your hip flexors, and it will also build up your sex-pack (your stomach.)

Another great exercise is to lie on top of her, and put all of your body weight on top of her. Then you take your arms and put them underneath her shoulders. At this point, you should start curling your body into her.

Take your hips and move them; curl them directly into her. At the same time, you need to take your arms and start jamming her – start moving her and pushing her down. As you’re pushing her down, your hips are curling into her.

Not only is she going to have a huge orgasm, you’re going to build up great shoulders, arms, and abs. Not to mention that it’s a great sexiovascular workout because you’ll be breathing heavy and panting during the whole thing.

Another great sexiovascular exericise is to lay on the bottom with the woman on top. Get your woman on top and start curling those hips into her. She’s on top, and she’s riding you, and this is a great exercise for her inner thighs at this point – if she’s riding you correctly, you want her to straddle your penis and jump up and down on your penis using the power of her inner thighs and quad muscles.

But at the same time, don’t just lie there like a dead sack of wood. You want to curl your body into her. Curling your body into her uses a couple of different muscles. For one, you’re using your hips again, and you’re also working on your sex-pack.

Another great exercise when you’re on the bottom is to pull her close to you – of course, give her a good kiss at the same time – but then pull her close, hold her really tight, and just rock her back and forth. That’s an intense ab workout. Make sure you breathe at the same time.

Another great one when she’s on top is to dead lift her – this is a great chest workout. So while she’s on top of you, using her quads, you want to guide her body up and down. You’re going to get some good shoulder work there, and chest work; you’ll get a little bit of arm work at the same time.

Take your hands, grip around her waist and start lifting her up and down. Do ten sets of ten. Count to ten. Not only will she have a nice orgasm, but you’re also going to build your body up.

Now what’s the best part of sex? It’s after sex, when you’re done. You get to go to the bathroom, look in the mirror, and see how pumped up your body is.

One of my favorite things to do all of the time is to check out how pumped up my body gets after sex. I like to just check out every single muscle, everything else.

And there are a few other things you can do. If you’ve got good gripping, you can put her up against the wall and you can start doing leg lifts into her. It’s very simple – you need to insert your penis into her vagina, and you need to thrust it upwards. At the same time, you’re holding her against the wall – that’s going to take a lot of chest and shoulder work.

At that same time, you’re basically balancing her hips on your dick. When you’re balancing her hips, you’re basically thrusting up into her, working on your quads, but you’re absolutely blowing out your buttocks muscles. By doing that up and down, you’re doing some great dead lifting.

Another great exercise when you have her hanging out over the side of the bed – she’s on the bed, lying flat and her legs are down on the ground, and you’re entering her from behind – no, you’re not anally pounding her to death, you’re entering her pussy.

A woman can get a great wrist exercise during this position by playing with her own clitoris – this will build her wrist muscles up so she doesn’t get Carpal Tunnel Syndrome – this is a great Carpal Tunnel exercise.

While she’s playing with her pussy, you’re going from behind and entering her in and out. You’re standing up, so you’re getting some leg work; you’re also getting some good ab work.

But you need to thrust her really hard and fast during this so it’s a sexiovascular workout at the same time.

Those are some fantastic ways to work out when you are having sex.

So the next time you go to work out: forget Pilates, forget yoga, forget cardiovascular – join us in a sexiovascular workout!

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