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First Date Bloopers?

Come on! It’s normal, first dates have never been easy especially for people whose social skills were not developed. They were not exposed to many different cultures and social environments. According to psychology experts first date jitters can be avoided if only the right timing taken into consideration when planning a date and of course choosing the right person to date.

A few questions can help a person determine if he or she is dating right. First, is there enough information to gauge the person’s personality? This question can be a guide on what kind of date can be made. Second, was there ever a chance to meet the person either by talking on the phone or meeting in person prior to the date? Contrary to blind dates, having a first date with someone known already lessen the nervousness. Third, is there a way to know what the other person feel about the whole dating thing? At least, this gives an idea if the two first daters share the same feeling of anxiety. And lastly, is this date being pursued to relax and enjoy? The two must know what their main objective for the date is.

There should be a bird’s eye view about the date. It is important to know if the person to be dated is authentic right before jumping into the dating wagon. Know the person’s background. A little research won’t hurt. Break the ice by phoning the person a few hours before the exact date. Ask her if she’s ready or if she wants the planned dating place. It may not tell what the person exactly is but it could broadly give light about the personality.

Knowing this, can give an idea on what sort of topic can be discussed on the actual date. Just be honest and give the person the benefit of doubt. Think of her or him as as anxious and as honest. This creates more confidence for both. See to it that the dating place selected has been agreed and not just the other’s preference. It must be a place where there is enough lighting and with several other people dining if it’s a restaurant. This ensures safety for both.

Accept the fact that it might not go well as planned or expected so both must choose a less expensive place. So if the date is not a good match, at least not too much cash was spent.

Here are tips for dating green lights:

– The reason it is important to know the venue where the date will be is for wearing the appropriate clothing. Can’t expect heels on a ball game, right?
– Make oneself exciting.
– As an appetizer, try to share three personal special things to break the ice.
– Want some compliment? Start giving him or her compliments. Oh yeah!
– For guys, please drink moderately; avoid getting drunk for goodness sakes!
– Say thank you always, appropriately and on the right time okay.
– Never hesitate to talk. But talk with sense. Nobody likes to be with a person with – – nothing between his or her ears.
– Show interest by gazing into his or her eyes. Do this on special moments like when he – or she laughs, kept quiet, or plain being flirty.
– Compatibility is not made but discovered. Continue research about the person by asking questions, first in general and getting a bit personal. But make sure the questions are not offending.
– And when asking questions, see to it that ethics are present. Know his or her values right from the start.
– If the date was okay, don’t be shy to tell that it was a good time. It could be an invitation for the next date.
– Thank each other for taking some time for the date.

But watch out for the red light as well:

– Never exaggerate the real you.
– Never mention anything about the Ex.
– Both are dating to get to know each other, so please don’t flirt with the other girls or guys during the date.
– Know when to talk and when to shut up. Give each other chance to share something.
– Don’t expose everything private on the first date.

Dating is fun. But nothing is more exciting than going to a first date. Just enjoy and have fun!

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