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Experimenting With Essential Oils

I am suffering from this on and off knee pain. My dad was born with a weak knee. He could rotate his knee-cap all by himself. My brother has these frequent attacks of knee-cap dislocation. During extreme cold I am having difficulty in moving my knees. It was just like a heavy dull sensation on my knees. I am worried, because I’m only 20 years old. I thought that only elderly are getting this joint pain, every time they’re exposed to extreme cold. Prolong sitting with my legs crossed sometimes precipitate the attacks. I asked some medical advice, and they give these pain relievers to prevent the occurrence of attacks. There are medications that can’t control my knee pain. I’ve been trying some herbal remedies to treat my knee problem. However, the effectiveness is not that excellent. I was reading through the internet when I read about essential oils. It was said that these oils are extracted from some plants that may have healing capability. These oils are used in aromatherapy. What I know that about this therapy is it relaxes the mind. I might need it, because I noticed that my pain is sometimes stressed induced. So I decided to read more articles about aromatherapy. I have this strong belief that aromatherapy and essential oils would give me relief from this knee pain.

So I make it a point that I usually set up a bowl with a mix of essential oils, water and some petals of roses. I positioned the bowl inside my room every bedtime. This is a relaxing scent after a strenuous day from work. I can sleep easily despite of the stress I am over thinking after work. The knee pains attacks became lesser in terms of intensity and frequency. With these good effects, I decided to continue my aromatherapy with essential oils every night. It came to a point that I was not even experiencing a knee pain for almost a month. This is an amazing therapeutic effect from essential oils.

My mom is asking me about my knee pain, and I said to her that this might be a stress induced pain. She was trying to ask follow up questions. However, I find it hard answering her questions by the phone. So I just sent her a package of essential oils and aromatherapy kit. She may find the answers to her questions there.

She phoned me the moment she received the package. My mom was asking tons of questions concerning aromatherapy and essential oils. I tried my best to make a decent explanation of everything. That same night she tried setting up the aromatherapy kit and the essential oils. She never gave me a ring that night. I am worried what might happen to her. Exactly at 8 in the morning I received a call from her, the essential oils gave her a goodnight sleep. Now she knows all the answers for her questions. It is all because of the wonderful and effective essential oils!

sara ryan writes regularly for tir massage stone, they carry such pure essential oils as lavender oil, among many others.

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