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Do You Date Your Mate?

Dates after marriage sometimes become few and far between. May is National Date your Mate month, and is a great reminder of the importance of dating, even after the wedding vows are spoken. Here are thirty-one date ideas for married couples to consider.

I just discovered that May is National Date your Mate month. I love that! I think that every month should be dubbed, Date your Mate month, don’t you? Unfortunately, though, many people wait for a special time like this (or Valentines Day or Sweetest Day) to actually make an effort to date their mate.

Maybe it’s been a while since you’ve gone out on a date with your spouse and you don’t remember how fun it can be (bummer!). Or maybe it’s been so long you’ve forgotten HOW to date (not good!). Or, perhaps you’re just looking for an excuse to go out (good for you!). Whichever category you’re in, why not take advantage of this month-long holiday to trade in those boring hours in front of the television for a day or evening out with your honey.

Here are thirty-one suggestions (one for each day of the month) of possible dates you can enjoy with your mate. Some may sound romantic, some fun, and some may even sound boring. But all will keep you connected to the one you love.

1. Go to a comedy club.
2. Go bowling. Winner gets to choose where to go for pizza.
3. Attend a local high school play or musical.
4. Go to the beach and watch the sun set. Be sure to take a blanket so you can cuddle!
5. Go out for ice cream and order a sundae with two spoons.
6. Have a picnic in the park. Bring along a Frisbee or football to toss around after lunch.
7. Go on a nature hike and carve your initials in a tree.
8. Take a long bike ride in the country. Stop to take pictures along the way.
9. Visit the zoo.
10. Spend the day at an amusement park.
11. Go parking.
12. See two movies, back-to-back – each choosing one that you’d like to see.
13. Take ball-room dance lessons.
14. Go horseback riding.
15. Take a dinner cruise.
16. Spend the afternoon at the beach.
17. Go to a sporting event.
18. Go to the circus.
19. See a concert.
20. Visit a museum.
21. Take a downtown carriage ride.
22. Play tennis.
23. Go to an arcade. Challenge each other at air hockey.
24. Take a hot air balloon ride.
25. Play laser tag. Don’t forget to steal a smooch behind one of those barriers!
26. Rent a hotel room for an afternoon.
27. Play miniature golf.
28. Volunteer at your local soup kitchen.
29. Visit a playground and be kids! Take a turn on every piece of play equipment.
30. Catch a magic show.
31. Go swimming at a local community pool.

These are only a few of the things you could do on a date with your mate. The possibilities really are endless. Come up with your own ideas or draw one from a hat. The wonderful thing about this fun holiday is it reminds us that dating is something we should strive to continue, long after the honeymoon ends.

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