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Decorating With Ostrich Feathers For Your Special Event

The use of ostrich feathers dates back thousands of years. Cleopatra and King Tutankhamun in ancient Egypt were known to have used feathers from the flightless bird in fans and ornamentation. Roman officers placed feathers from the ostrich in their headgear to indicate rank.

Today, ostrich feathers have made a strong comeback especially as centerpieces at wedding ceremonies and other formal events. Ostrich feather centerpieces are one of the hottest trends in weddings and special events today; and better yet, they are very easy to assemble! They make a gorgeous, elegant centerpieces for a wedding reception, bridal shower, anniversary, baby shower, baptism, bar mitzvah, bat mitzvah, birthday party, confirmation, communion, corporate event, engagement, family reunion, quinceanera, miss quince, high school prom, graduation, school reunion, sweet sixteen, or new year’s eve party.

The most popular color ostrich feather among brides is white, but the versatile ostrich feather takes dye very well. Ostrich feathers are available in a wide variety of colors, including black, gray, yellow, gold, orange, red, pink, fuchsia, magenta, burgundy, blue, royal, navy, teal, turquoise, purple, kelly green, emerald, forest, lime, rose, lavender, mint, peach and cream.

Feathers from the body of the ostrich, called drabs, are perfect for centerpieces, especially when placed atop the tall, narrow eiffel tower vases. The most popular size ostrich drab for centerpiece use favored by wedding decorators is between 13″ and 16″. This is the ideal size feather to gently bend down, creating a dramatic effect, without obstructing the view of the wedding guests. Wing plumes from the male ostrich can also be used if the tower vases showcasing the feathers are at least 24 inches tall.

To heighten the dramatic effect of the centerpiece, many wedding designers recommend placing small LED lights, such as the FloraLyte, inside the tower vase. Like the ostrich feather, these lights come in a variety of colors to match or complete the color scheme of the wedding.

To create the ostrich feather wedding centerpiece, simply put the feather quill ends into your foam bouquet holders. Start at the bottom, and move around the holders in a circular motion in an upward direction until you reach the top. Use the larger feathers towards the bottom and the smaller as you reach the top. Finally, place your FloralLtes into your vase, and place the stems of the foam bouquet holders into your eiffel tower vases. The feathers will get the desired slight arch after a few days, so plan to assemble your centerpieces several days before your event.

If you are using one time use FloraLytes, you will not want to activate them until the actual day of your big event. While the FloraLytes do an excellent job of lighting these centerpieces up from the inside, you can use light bases for additional lighting. You may also wish to place the centerpieces on a table mirror to reflect the beauty of the arrangement.

These stunning wedding feather centerpieces add a spectacular ambiance to any event. Your guests will really love them!

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