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Dating Tips For Men That Will Help You Get The Girl!

If you’re reading this article, chances are you’re interested in dating tips for men. Your friends might be having all the fun – getting the girls’ numbers (usually the ones you like), dating them successfully, and swapping date stories, while you of course are left in their shadows. It’s about time someone teaches you the basics on getting the girl you want.

There are many dating tips for men today, but most of them focus only on what to do and how to behave during the date itself. This article, on the other hand, will seek to guide you from the first step, which is getting the guts to call the girl to set up a date. So here goes.

Calling her up

This is absolutely the first step in setting up a date. Let’s say you meet a hot chick at a bar last night and you were lucky enough (or she just had too much to drink) to get her number. So, what do you do after? Call her up to schedule a date. But just when she picks up, you feel the urge to hang up. Or worse, she declines your offer, and you feel like it’s the end of the world. How do you prevent this feeling? Here are a few tips:

Get more options

Don’t limit yourself to calling up only one number. Get as many numbers as possible. If you get rejected by one, you won’t be feeling just as bad knowing that there’s still a long list waiting to be dialed by you. Don’t put all your hopes into one girl. When you’re not too worried about getting rejected (because anyway you have other girls to call), it shows in your confidence and this attracts women. So go ahead and go grab some numbers.

Invite her to join you instead of asking her out

Set it up more casually. In the middle of your conversation, drop a hint on what you’ll be doing later in the afternoon/evening and invite her to come along if she wants too. Doing it more casually removes a lot of pressure from both of you. And when she starts hemming and hawing, you can try out cocky but funny (girls find this attractive) lines like, “Ok, but you’re the one that’s missing out” or challenge her by saying, “Never mind, I guess you don’t like to have fun.”

The Date Location

Now that you’ve mastered calling up girls without getting anxious, you can actually start planning out the date itself. So, where do you take her? Most common choices would be the theater, movies, fancy restaurants, concert or a ball game. But she does all these with her girlfriends. As a date, plan something more adventurous!

By adventure, you don’t really have to go hike a mountain trail or ride the rapids. Just do something that gives you a chance to be exciting and romantic, something that will bring you as close as possible on the first date. This will definitely impress any girl as this will be a one of a kind date that she will never forget.

You can take here for a walk on the beach, or sightseeing locations. You can also plan activities where the both of you participate in. The key to this is not in the adventure itself, but actually in sharing the activities with the girl. So let’s say you do a conventional date and settle for 4 hours sitting in the café… then what? But if you visit other places and experience things together, then she will lose her sense of time and feel as if you’ve known each other for a while.

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More Tips!

There are general rules in going to dates. One of which is to dress appropriately, be presentable, and wear clean clothes. Do shave and take a shower. Come in well groomed but go easy on the cologne.

Be attentive to what your date is saying, and try your best to come across as a good listener. Let the conversation go about your date’s interests and hobbies, and learn to curb the urge to talk about yourself. Be friendly and open, and be polite to service staff like waiters (in case you choose to wine and dine your date). Exude confidence, but keep it to a certain level where you don’t come off as too cocky. And remember to share a good laugh with your date. Be funny, share funny stories, but again, not too a great extent.

So there you have it. Keep these dating tips for men in mind, and in no time, you’ll be one heck of a dating expert that will get you the girls you want.

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