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Dating Multiple Women Is Like Planting A Garden

One of the keys to successfully dating multiple women is to think of it as one would think of planting and caring for a garden. If you were planting a garden, would you just plant one seed and sit around and hope that that one seed would make all of your dreams come true?

Of course not… that wouldn’t make any sense.

Some of the reasons why you would not grow a garden this way are not as obvious as they seem. For one, if you only have one plant – you will surely smother it. You will over water it, over care for it and basically just smother it. Also, if you are relying on that one single plant for food, you will not only have to wait a long time to get something of value out of it, but you are also putting all of your risk into one place, which is never a good idea.

Conversely, if you plant multiple plants over time and care for each of them when they require it (mature plants require less maintenance than a plant that is germinating and requires moisture every day). Also, while some plants are just starting out, others are producing food that can be eaten.

By not smothering any one individual plant, but instead providing each plant just enough sustenance to survive, grow and thrive – you will have a plentiful harvest.

How does this apply to women and dating?

Instead of focusing all of your energy on one woman, spread your focus across multiple women. Some will be just friends, some will be in the infancy of a relationship with you and others will be established friends with benefits.

You won’t smother any single woman. You won’t be needy as there are other ‘plants’ in your garden to also focus on. You also won’t be pushing women for intimacy too early on as you will have other women who are at that phase of your relationship. To push the analogy and at the risk of sounding crude – while some relationships are growing, others are ready to be harvested.

This is a great strategy while dating, as it allows you to date more successfully, and will enable you to have very satisfying relationships.

Also, by not being needy and feeling like you have no options, you won’t put up with second class behavior or stick with someone, just because they are the only one available to you.

Of course once you and one of the women you are dating become more serious and decide to become exclusive, you also will know that you had many options and chose the option that was the best fit for you.

Another great aspect of this is you will have a variety of women in your life to spend your time with. Some girls will be great for going to the opera, others will be fun to have in for movies and another girl may be perfect for taking out to guys night or the baseball game.

This will give you options, and a choice of who you choose to spend your time with. Eventually, you may choose to spend all of your time with just one women, but you will never be forced to do this.

Both you and your partner of choice will benefit from this.

this is just one of many strategies employed by a successful pick up artist. here is the original article: dating multiple women.

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