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Dating Jitters? Top 10 Tips on How to Impress on a First …

Including listening to what your date says and responding to it, plus making sure your hair and nails are spotless.

Some find the initial hurdle of a first date a real obstacle to finding love. Whether it’s down to nerves or just being out of practice with your dating skills, we’ve drawn up some pointers to help you prepare for first date success.

Dating Tip 1) Compliment your date on, well, anything!

A little compliment can go a long way. It might seem a bit forced, but the human ego will ensure that your date is tickled by a little compliment about their appearance (a great way to break the ice at the start of the date) or their character (once you know a little bit more about them).

Dating Tip 2) Ask questions and listen to the answer

Unless they are incredibly shy or a holder of state secrets, your date will love to talk about themselves to someone who’s interested – almost everyone does. If you take the time to ask questions about them and respond animatedly to their answers, you will be rewarded with a very happy date.

Dating Tip 3) A little touch on the arm

If things are going well, a little touch on the arm can work wonders to make your date feel at ease. Studies have shown that when two people meet, the slightest touch can have a really positive effect on how they view one another, even if they are not consciously aware that it happened. Remember, on a first date, subtlety is key.

Dating Tip 4) Smile (but don’t do a Gordon!)

Research has shown that a simple smile can make an enormous difference to whether or not one person will find another attractive. There’s no need to do a Gordon Brown and suddenly break out in a huge, random grin mid-sentence, just try to keep a small, agreeable smile on your face as you interact. This way, your date will find you more attractive and easy to talk to.

Dating Tip 5) Maintain eye contact – just the right amount

Eye contact is crucial on a first date. While too much can be a bit much, none at all will make it seem as though you’re either not interested or very, very nervous. Try to make sure you meet your date’s gaze from time to time, and don’t look over their shoulder while they talk, or they could feel a little rejected.

Dating Tip 6) Take care of your grooming and scrub those fingernails!

Being clean and well turned-out shows your date you are willing to make an effort for them, and that is a compliment in itself. Spotlessly clean hair and nails are a clear sign of good grooming and personal hygiene.

Dating Tip 7) A bit of laughter can go a long way

While style and charm have their place, one thing consistently mentioned by people looking for love is being able to share a laugh with their prospective mate. Not everything has to be a joke, but a few laughs will really break the ice on a first date.

Dating Tip 8) Mirroring – copying your date’s body language

Don’t get too carried away with body language tricks – it can come across a little wooden if it doesn’t come naturally. However, if you look at people who are in love, or just anyone who’s very comfortable with one another, they tend to mirror each other’s body language automatically. Following your date’s lead from time to time can make them feel at ease.

Dating Tip 9) Relax and enjoy your date

Anyone who suffers from nerves knows that it’s not necessarily so easy to relax on cue. Unfortunately, extreme nerves can give other people the impression that you have something to hide. One way to relax on a first date is to be prepared. Think of a few simple questions you could ask to get the conversation flowing, and suddenly everything will seem a lot less scary.

Dating Tip 10) Demonstrate your generosity in little ways

Be generous and considerate with your date – this will give them an idea of how well they would be treated if the two of you were in a relationship. You don’t need to make any grand gestures; small acts of kindness are enough to do the trick.

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