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Creating Good Marketable Profile For a Dating Website

Ever tried finding romance through a dating website? If no, then you are missing an opportunity that may turn your love life around. If you think that finding love in a virtual world is quite absurd there actually facts that can show you how online dating is becoming not just a fad but a reality to many people who have found love online.

Online dating websites are actually gaining popularity. In the United States alone, there are approximately 40 million Americans who tried online dating services in 2003. Fifty percent of this number is logging on to a dating website at least every month. To date, online dating services income growth has reached to an estimated value of $642M.

Furthermore, success stories about finding a mate through these dating websites are high. About 72% of women and 52% of men both found love online. With these statistics, 33% were able to actually convert their online romance to an actual date. And 40% claimed that they found a serious, long term relationship, if not a close friend in online dating services.

But these online love success stories do not just happen to everyone. Online dating sites are just there to help people find romance in an alternative way. If you are new to this kind of dating, you also have to know how to create a “go-getter” profile.

Below are 5 tips you can use when creating a good online profile you can well advertise in finding that special someone:

1. Always stay positive and write positive.

Most people, especially those who recently had bad dating experiences in the past commonly write negative words in their profiles such as: “I hate dishonest people”, “Career-oriented men, please stay away”, or “Don’t message me if you are not looking into a long-term partnership”.
Display of negative attitude will only drive possible partners away. If you have not recovered yet from a break-up or a failed relationship, try to at least keep this kind of information away when creating your online profile. Remember that the goal is to find your perfect mate. You can only do this by staying positive all the time.

2. Avoid being too subjective when describing yourself.

Writing words in your profile like “I am sweet, caring, and intelligent” do not work anymore. Adding adjectives in your description is too boring and do not supply useful information for readers. Instead try describing your work, what you like to do or other talents you may have that can turn interest to readers.

3. Be concrete and straight to the point.

Online profiles are a piece of who you really are. You want this piece to be shared with possible romance in the near future. When creating your online profile, do not leave your audience hanging. Instead of saying “I am an artist”, try saying it this way, “I am a freelance photographer and I normally take photos of nature and people around”

4. Make up your mind when writing your preferences.

This is the most important part. Most people who visit a profile often look at what the person’s description of their preference partner. If you wanted a tall, dark man with dark eyes, do not add “blondes are also ok”. This can be a major turn off. Just say what your likes are but if you are unsure, then leave this area blank.

5. Avoid being sexual with words.

This is a BIG NO. First impressions are lasting even when meeting people online. You have to keep your profile out of displaying any sexual desires or you will drive away serious, interesting people. Just picture yourself saying sexual lines to another anonymous person in a bar. In a situation like this, probability is that you will be rejected right away.

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