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Common Wedding Day Superstitions

Your wedding day is special and it`s a one of a kind experience, which is probably why a lot of superstitions have grown up around this momentous event. Most of them have to do with the bride, perhaps because of the huge amount of pressure on the bride to have the perfect wedding day.

Here are a few of the wedding superstitions that have developed over the years:

The Bridal Shower

Everything the bride says while opening presents will come back to her on her wedding night. It could be good to be careful with this one . . . you never know! Having the same phrases repeated on the wedding night could be a good or bad thing, depending.

For good luck, the first gift opened should be the first gift used. There are a few superstitions surrounding the gifts given at a bridal shower, such as the giver of the third present opened will have a baby.

The Dress

The whole wedding outfit must not be tried on until the actual day of the wedding. This common superstition is due to the fact that it was thought to bring bad luck on the bride. If she put on all her wedding garb before the wedding . . . she might not be married after all!

Green, yellow, pink and red wedding dresses are considered bad form. According to an old marriage rhyme, these four colors of wedding dresses would bring assorted miseries on the married couple`s life and they wouldn`t be happy.

It`s bad luck for the groom to see the bride in her dress on their wedding day. This is a pretty strong superstition that most people follow to this day.

The Church

Seeing a pig run across the road on the way to the church. This is considered to be very bad news for the wedding party and could foretell a cancelled wedding or a terrible marriage. Interestingly, meeting a black cat on your wedding day actually signifies good luck.

Meeting a monk or a nun outside the church. According to this superstition, you are doomed to a marriage of barrenness and will be dependent on charity if you run across a nun or a monk on your way to the church.

Wed on a Saturday for no luck at all. While you may not get bad luck by tying the knot on a Saturday, you won`t have good luck either, so you may want to try Monday (health) or Wednesday (best of all), instead.

The Ceremony

Dropping the ring means the marriage won`t last. While this traditionally applies to the groom`s clumsy fingers, it`s been turned into a uni-sex superstition.

A penny in the bride`s shoe will bring wealth to the marriage. This is the often skipped part of the old “something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue” adage.

Marrying when the hands on the clock are on their way down is bad luck. It`s considered far better to marry between the half hour and the hour, when the hands are moving back up. Otherwise, your marriage will always be going downhill.

The Wedding Night

The first person to fall asleep on the wedding night will also be the first to die. This is a superstition that obviously has no basis in fact, but it is still remarked upon . . . usually by the person who fell asleep last!

It`s not likely that any of these superstitions is based on truth, but they are definitely interesting to learn about. Many of them are still alive and well to this day and are still respected by most brides. While they may not be true, wedding superstitions certainly show no signs of going away just yet.

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