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Choosing The Right White Wedding Dress

Lay the blame on Queen Victoria of England if you are having a hard time choosing from a bewildering array of wedding dresses, all in various hues of white. Then again, maybe it is not Queen Victoria to blame!

Look at it this way. If you have selected the perfect design for your wedding dress and yet an indefinable something is still off, that something can be the hue, the undertone, the tint to the white wedding dress you have been salivating after. In order to choose the right white to your wedding dress, here is short guide.

Very Fair Skin

Stay away from the bright lights, er, whites! You will only look washed out, almost like the lack of contrast of white paper on white paper. Instead, you should opt for warmer shades of white with touches of yellow to infuse a warm glow to your skin.

If you desire, you can even incorporate touches of very pale yellow to your wedding dress. The important thing is that your very fair skin will not compete with the starkness of your bright white wedding dress.

Olive Skin

If you have olive skin, or skin that is on the sallow side, you have to look for a wedding dress in cool whites. If this is Greek to you, think of white with pink undertones like champagne white, rum white and silk white.

These white tones will give you a fresh, dewy look that will complement your olive skin more than stark white can possibly provide. Besides, the names themselves make you want to get married already!

Medium Skin

For medium skin tones, luck is with you. With the variety of ivory tones out there, you can choose from any wedding dress to your heart’s content. You can opt for the lighter eggshell ivory to the darker ecru, whichever suits you best. Or better yet, include those bridal dresses in creamier white shades.

With their rich yellow undertones, these ivory bridal dresses will enhance your skin tone to the hilt. At last, you will not have to parade in a wedding dress with a near-sunburn, fried-to-the-crisp look to you!

Dark Skin

You, lucky bride, you! With dark skin like yours, you will look divine in any undertones of white wedding dress you care to wear. Of course, the assumption is that you have bridal dresses that complement your figure, highlight your assets and hide your liabilities.

You can choose to wear a stark white or bright white wedding gown without fear of looking washed out. In fact, your dark skin tone will provide a very nice contrast to your white dress so much so that your groom will have no other goo-goo eyes but for you and you alone. Maybe that is why many brides go on a tanning spree before their wedding. But that is another story.

So, here you are feeling all the more bewildered with the names of whites when you thought white is white and black is black. If you have any doubts in your mind, you can ask your designer about these various undertones of white since these are industry standards.

And when you are enlightened about the right white for your skin tone, you can now look for the perfect all-around wedding dress for your dream wedding!

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