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Caring For Carhartt Clothes While Dating

Caring for Carhartt Clothes while Dating

When you buy Carhartt clothes, you’re purchasing items that are meant to be in your closet and worn on your body for the long haul. These aren’t going to be like those work pants you wore for two weeks before they started ripping at the inseam. They won’t be like the work shirt you bought for a couple of dollars that ripped under your arm after a day of stretching to reach boxes. You’re going to want to make sure you know how to care for the garments so that you’ll be able to get the full value possible from your Carhartt clothes. Here are some important steps.

Read the Instructions

Before you wash any of your Carhartt clothes for the first time, you need to read the laundering instructions carefully. These instructions will tell you exactly what should be done with the clothes, including water temperatures and drying details. The first time around you might even want to wash your Carhartt clothes separate from the rest of the laundry just to make sure you have complete control over the process.

Don’t read a couple of labels and assume that the directions on them will be the same for all of the Carhartt clothes you own. Some items, such as the outerwear products lined with duck material, can’t be washed at temperatures of over 140 degrees without damaging that material.

If you’re not comfortable washing your Carhartt clothes on your own, you can always take them to an industrial cleaner or to a dry cleaner. Most of the items they sell can be cleaned in both of these ways safely.

Redo Waterproofing

Many of the Carhartt clothes you buy are going to have waterproof protection applied to them. That’s great news but what most people don’t realize is that after several washings that waterproofing isn’t going to be as strong. You’ll need to retreat the clothes periodically. The good news is you can find the water repellant chemicals in local stores and you can easily apply it yourself just by following the instructions on the label.

Doing Repairs

From time to time, you’re going to do some minor damage to your Carhartt clothes. That’s inevitable. For example, your zipper might end up getting stuck or damaged during the washing process. That doesn’t mean you have to toss those items in the garbage. Instead, pack them up and send them to the Carhartt repair center. The clothes can be fixed by their experts for you so the work will be done right. While normal wear and tear isn’t protected under the warranty, if the damage was caused by a problem with the Carhartt clothes you’ll get a replacement for free.

Talk to Your Employer

If you have to purchase flame resistant or high visibility Carhartt clothes, consider talking to your employer about having the items cleaned for you. That way you’ll be confident the job will be done right by professionals.

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