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Bridesmaid Dresses You’ll Be Proud To Wear Yourself

Have you gone through the old wedding photo albums and laughed at the monstrosities bridesmaids wore? This should remind you that when it’s your turn to tie the knot, choose the bridesmaid dresses you’d want to wear. Your bridesmaid will never thank you enough for your thoughtfulness.

Embarrassing Bridesmaid Moments

Ask ex-bridesmaids about their experiences. The lucky ones will be proud to show off their pictures circa disco fever. The not-so-lucky ones will beg you not reveal the name of the bride (she is still her best friend) and show you the horrendous curtain fabric they had to endure as bridesmaid dresses.

Others will swear that the itchy dresses they wore almost drove them nuts and yet they had to smile and act as happy as the bride. How they wished to go home and take the dog out for a walk – anything but look hideous in a fairytale wedding.

A group of friends can’t get over their bridesmaid experience of wearing wings, which always got in the way. The wings poked people’s eyes, and they had to carefully wend their way through the reception area. Their bridesmaid dresses were stunning, but they looked like overgrown angels in different stages of weight loss.

There’s another group that can’t get over the memory that they were almost transformed into Easter eggs had they failed to dissuade the bride from carrying out her vengeful plot.

Choose Bridesmaid Dresses With Care

Your best friends are your bridesmaids, and you wouldn’t want to spite them on ordinary days. Why, then, should you choose to be vile on your wedding day when they’re the ones who’ll baby-sit you throughout your big day?

They will stage a coup if you insist on getting them bridesmaid gowns without their suggestions and opinions. They’re the ones going to wear the gowns, so they too like to look pretty on your wedding day. Of course, they won’t steal your thunder, but they must look their best, too. You don’t want sulking ladies at your beck and call.

You must help them choose the dress that will flatter their figures and make them look stunning. You must not impose one design for all as your friends have different body shapes, sizes, and heights. Help them go over the accessories and jewelry. You can discuss everything in a special meeting or gathering where everybody can say their piece.

Happy Bridesmaids Make Happy Memories

You’ll thank your good sense if you choose to make your bridesmaid happy by giving them special attention. Happy bridesmaids make for happy wedding memories.

To keep your bridesmaids in high spirits, try these tips:

* Discuss your expectations and listen to theirs.
* Shop together for the bridesmaid dresses.
* Shop ahead of time.
* Respect their opinions and choices.
* Weigh the pros and cons of everybody’s selections from crinolines to gloves.
* Don’t give them tasks that will demand most of their times.
* Don’t play favorites.
* Celebrate your friendship.

How can you be sure that your friends will love their bridesmaid dresses? You’ll know by just looking at the dresses. If you want to wear them, you’re on the right track, but if you wouldn’t be caught dead in it, forget it. You know your friends and their preferences, why make life miserable for them on your wedding day?

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