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Brides-To-Be Need a Little Time Out

The longer you give yourself to plan your wedding the less stressful it will.

Even if you have decided on a short-term engagement where you need to get your wedding arrangements done in a minimal amount of time it is still wise to take some time out occasionally to enjoy life and not get so overwhelmed by the process of planning your wedding.

This will reduce the chance of you becoming stressed and miss out on the enjoyment that can be had from picking and choosing the various different elements of the wedding.

Get other people to help where possible to take some of the load off you and allow you a little more time to look after yourself and your health.

Take a little bit of time out before the wedding and get a relaxing massage and a beauty treatment to help unwind and feel better about yourself and also to be better prepared for your wedding day.

Keep your supplement intake up to ensure that items such as your fingernails are in top condition and don’t become brittle and break before the big day.

Spend a little bit of money on yourself and it will show in your wedding photographs.

Your partner should also take time out from work and spend a little time on rest and relaxation no matter how busy life might be.

It might even pay to get away for a weekend to spend some time alone just relaxing and only discussing aspects of the wedding if you feel inclined rather than feeling pressured to tick off another job that must be done before a certain date.

Friends and family will often be only too willing to help out and give you a break as most people understand the work and the pressures involved in arranging such an event.

Accept any help that is offered as there will always be more than enough for you to do even when others offer their services.

By remaining completely organized throughout the whole process of your wedding planning you will bring together a cohesive package that sets the scene for a wedding that will be memorable for not only you and your partner but for all your guests.

By creating an overall plan and then fine tuning every stage of the plan you will be treating your wedding organization like that of a well tuned business where the outcome will always be positive.

You will be able to look at all aspects from the flowers, lights, music, table settings and anything else that is required at the wedding to all blend in with one another and complement each other.


e plenty of time to plan your reception. The reception is a time where people congregate and mix with one another and depending on the style of the wedding you are having most of their time will be in the reception area so a lot of thought needs to go into making that a pleasurable experience for them.

If you are getting your wedding photographs taken while people are waiting for you at the reception area then make sure you have organized music, drinks and even some light snacks to help them pass the time while they are waiting for you.
Create an atmosphere at the reception that you find pleasing to yourself as this will be an extension of your personality and as the people attending the reception will be close family and friends they will appreciate the fact that the decoration shows your true personality.

Depending on where the reception is being held decorations can transform an austere looking area into a place of harmony and unity with the inclusion of things as simple as some nice pot plants place about the venue.

Whatever you do at the reception area will generally be dictated by your finances but that still leaves plenty of opportunity in most cases to create something that you will be proud of with a little imagination.

jayne waldorf lives in cheshire,england with her husband.if you would like to see some products just for the bride or learn more about weddings please visit jayne’s website waldorf elite

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