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Bridal Shower Games Liven Up a Party!

Are you hosting the bridal shower and want to really liven it up? There are some hysterical bridal shower games that you should definitely take a look at. Some of these games are for mature audiences so be careful if your old Aunt Sophie is attending. You know what? Never mind. She probably knows more than all of us combined!

A great way to get the party started is to get your guests involved in the party fun as soon as they walk in the door. The perfect way to do this is to hand out the Helpful Hints cards! Do you remember way back when every kitchen had a recipe box? These cards are kind of like a recipe for a happy marriage. Each guest writes down a “hint” or advice for the couple. This is definitely not only a fun way to start the party, but will also be a treasured keepsake for the couple in years to come.

Instead of the bridal shower bingo that every one plays at the party, how about a contest to see who can navigate and complete the heart maze first? Each guest is given a card and a pencil and gets ready to go when the whistle blows. The first guest through the maze heart wins! You can give the winner a heart bridal shower favor as the prize.

Trivia! Who doesn’t love to test their knowledge with trivia? This fun bridal shower game is contains 52 questions about wedding customs, relationships, etiquette and more. A sample question is what is the cost of a wedding? (Do we really want to know? It’s the price of a good down payment on a house).

Looking to spice up the night? Then the bachelorette’s naughty scramble game is perfect. Your guests will have a blast unscrambling these naughty words. The guest that figures out the most words wins. Make it a double contest with each guest voting on the guest they think will the game. Come on – we all know one of us is a little bit more knowledgeable than the rest of us! Which one of you is it?

Another great risqué game for a bachelorette party with some real scratch off party fun. This party game is all about the sheet on the handsome bachelor. Give a card to each guest as they arrive at the party for some hard core party fun. The guest that scratches off the sheet to reveal the “jewels” wins. Now this is a game I’d really enjoy playing.

If you have your heart set on Bingo, what would be more fun than a retro inspired Bingo game? The first guest to yell out Bingo wins. Be sure you have a fantastic prize for the Bingo winner and the winner of all your games.

A great prize is to select different party favors to give the winner. Party favors are available in many, many different themes, styles and most are pretty inexpensive making it easy to give out a great prize.

No matter which type of party you plan to have – calm or rowdy – selecting a few fun bridal shower games will definitely put the fun into the party. Enjoy yourself.

denise sanger is the owner of buyweddingfavorsonline.com which has a diverse catalog of bridal shower favors and bridal shower games along with a library of party planning resources.

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