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Bridal Crystal Jewellery

“Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue, and a sixpence in your shoe” is one of the best known traditions about your wedding day.

Across different cultures there are lots of traditions and superstitions surrounding the biggest day of your life!

A British superstition is to have a chimney sweep present at the wedding for good luck, and even nowadays some couples will employ one to come if they don’t know a chimney sweep personally!

Whether you are superstitious or not, like most brides-to-be, you will spend months or years planning on how to look and feel your best on this special day.

This article describes ways to choose bridal crystal jewellery based on your month of birth and also taking into consideration the symbolism of each crystal.

The jewellery you choose to complement your dress, hair, eyes, skin and your natural look will be an important choice for you, and bridal crystal jewellery can work perfectly to pick up the shades and light of your wedding theme.

You will want to look fresh and stylish on the day, not overly adorned, so bear this in mind when you are choosing your bridal jewellery.

It should be a continuation of your wedding theme, which includes your dress, hair, shoes, and also the look of the rest of your wedding party, venues and flowers.

In the midst of all the hectic planning remember to enjoy yourself and have fun with all the traditions. If you choose bridal crystal jewellery you can wear it again after the big day (unlike your wedding dress!) and it will bring back the wonderful memories.

You could choose according to the month you were born. Many people like to wear jewellery with their birthstone and of course whether this is possible will depend on the colour scheme you have chosen.

You may prefer to choose by the colour of the jewel itself, the symbolic meaning behind it just because it is beautiful.

For January the birthstone is garnet, which is a stunning deep red colour and symbolizes fire, faith, grace, truth and fidelity.

February’s stone is a lovely purple stone – amethyst, which the Greeks believed would prevent becoming drunk! The amethyst should bring you pleasant dreams, and is a protective stone which can stop feeling of fear and guilt.

Aquamarine is the birthstone for March, which is symbolic of happiness, harmony, innocence and youthfulness. It is a combination of light shades of blue.

April is the month for diamonds which the ancient Hindus believed were created by bolts of lightning washed onto river beds after a storm. It is a well known for its symbolism for enduring love and fidelity.

Emeralds belong to the people born in May, and are believed to inspire patience, wisdom and growth. They range from the deepest to lightest of green.

For June the birth stone is pearl which is associated with faithfulness, friendship and loyalty.

The ruby is the birth stone for July, and this is the stone of courage, happiness, devotion and integrity.

The birth stone for August is the peridot which is a rich green colour and a beautiful gemstone. It is associated with the values of love, truth and loyalty.

September’s stone is the sapphire which has long been considered symbolic of wisdom and purity by kings and priests. The sapphire is a beautiful blue stone which the Persians believed that the earth rested on an enormous sapphire!

The opal is the birthstones for October and it is symbolic of hope, purity and innocence. It is a white opaque white stones with reflective rainbow colour specks. People think that it can bring the wearer happiness, faithfulness, confidence and loyalty.

November’s stone is the topaz which has long been thought of as the stone of deep and enduring love. It is most well known in light to medium blue, but can also be in pink, yellow, gold, red, brown and some rare orange-red shades.

Turquoise is the birth stone for December and this is seen as a very protective stone in many cultures, and sacred in some cultures. It is meant to bring good fortune, and is a lovely stone which can be found in various shades of turquoise and green.

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