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Best Ways To Find A New Boyfriend

For single women out there, it can be tough trying to meet a new man. There are thousands of single guys out there, but finding your prince is much more difficult than ever.

While articles out there constantly tout online dating services (and there are certainly nothing wrong with these sites), there are ways to meet men the old fashion way. Besides friends of friends and the odd work hook-up, here are some ways to grab guy’s attention in the general public.

To get a guy, you need to get a guy’s attention. To get a guy’s attention, you need to think like a guy. What do guy’s like to do? What will make it easy for them to approach you? To find a good potential boyfriend, you need to situate yourself where you are around a lot of eligible bachelors, and you need to make it easy and fun for the guys to approach you. Here are some ideas:

1. If you go to a casino, play a “guy” game like blackjack or craps. Have you ever been to a craps table? There are tons of guys there and almost no women. True, most of the guys are old and bald, but some are cute too. Don’t understand craps? Ask a hunk to explain it to you. It is much easier for a guy to start talking to you at a social game like blackjack or craps than at a slot machine, where you are pretty much sitting by yourself.

2. If you use public transportation, carry a book with a provocative or interesting title. This will make it easy for the guy to approach you with some cheesy line about the book. He will think he is smooth for thinking of the line, when you in reality planned it all along.

3. If you work in a male dominated industry, work conventions can be a great place to meet men. This is a more relaxed way to meet many eligible, professional men.

4. Sports games are full of male spectators. These generally are not the best of places to talk to guys because most people are focused on the game. Needless to say though, there are plenty of eligible bachelors around.

5. If you go to a bar, hang out at the bar area more so than sitting with your friends at a table. Guys are much more willing to chat you up while they go get a drink than attempt to walk up to you cold while you are sitting at a table with friends. Most of the guys that gather up the courage to come talk to you are drunk, which is not exactly their best state for you to be able to evaluate them.

6. Don’t be afraid to initiate contact with guys. While it’s unwise to be overtly aggressive in initiating contact with men, finding some excuse to talk to a guy or ask him for help is a great ice breaker. Guys are often clueless at how to talk to women, so sometimes you need to take the bull by the horns!

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