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Best Seasons in Phoenix AZ For a Good Wedding Video

A Phoenix wedding video in the winter will be much different than a wedding video in the summer, especially in Arizona. Wedding videos in whatever season will still be professional and similar quality, but they will vary in coloring and style due to the season.

Weddings are usually themed with different colors to suit the season. Bows, ribbons, flowers, and dresses will be all tied together by complementing colors and styles. A wedding video will be similar in the fact that it will reflect the wedding in it’s season. The video will tie the motifs of the day together in a documentary style. But there are more things to know about what will effect the actual video itself.

Video cameras are very sensitive to light. Essentially all a video camera does is capture light into frames. The time of season will effect this lighting. Couples getting married in Phoenix are fortunate in the fact that the weather is sunny year round. Plenty of light will lead to bright and vibrant videos that will depict the wedding in a more actual way. Dark cloudy days or shortened days will effect the vibrance of the wedding video and may cause graininess in the footage. It’s also important to realize the difference between video footage taken at night, and video taken during the day.

Many parts of the United States have shortened days during the winter. Wedding ceremonies are often held during the night time because of time restrictions or because of personal preference. Sometimes night wedding ceremonies can add dynamics in lighting and can be very elegant. But it can be very detrimental to the quality of a wedding video. Many professional cameras perform poorly in night conditions. The graininess will be amplified noticeably and the video will not be nearly as sharp. Sometimes the video can seem blurry during and shots that aren’t stationary. Also colors can be dimmed tremendously or misrepresented depending on the electrical lighting. It is important that a wedding is recorded as it is seen as it is the main source for couples and families to remember their wedding days for the rest of their life.

Another advantage of Phoenix, Arizona is because of the mild weather in the Fall, Winter, and Spring. Often there are soft breezes and open skies. If there are clouds, it is more than likely that they will be soft white clouds and no the tremendous rain clouds so common in other states. Soft white clouds can actually be helpful to the video by diffusing the light which lessens shadows and harsh light. There is no need to explain why rain clouds are negative for a video, but there are many states during many seasons where it is more likely to rain than not to rain. There is no such season in Arizona, although the late summer months can bring significant storms.

The perfect season for a wedding in Arizona is easy to pick. The best season is almost all of them including Spring, Fall, and Winter. Summer’s are possible but not ideal. The mild weather and the long sunny days will make for a spectacular Phoenix wedding video. If you are from the northern or eastern states, consider a destination wedding to Phoenix. You will not regret it. Once you are in Arizona, it will be up to your videographer to make the video that will reflect you and your special day.

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