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Best Conversations Starters How To Initiate Conversations …

It doesn’t matter how great your pick-up line is, it can only get you so far.

A funny joke and a cocky smile might get a girl’s attention but if you don’t know how to continue the conversation there’s not much point in starting it. Even the wittiest of one liners followed by an awkward silence is unlikely to lead to a good time.

It you don’t know how to talk to chicks, you’re never going to score. Luckily for you, the art of conversation can be learned – and I’m here to teach you.

The most important thing to remember is not to let her know you’re nervous. This might sound easier said than done, but by simply standing up straight, relaxing your shoulders and giving her a smile you will instantly appear more relaxed.

When talking to a girl, always maintain eye contact. Being caught watching the big screen sports behind her or ogling another beauty will do you no favors. Meeting her gaze, on the other hand, shows that you’re interested in her without you appearing intimidated.

Asking what brought her to this venue is an ideal conversation starter. If she’s there for a special occasion, get her to tell you all about it. If it’s a regular night out, ask about the other ways she fills her free time. Open ended questions demonstrate your genuine interest in her and by encouraging her to enthuse about things she enjoys you will help to put her at ease.

Pay her compliments, but choose them wisely. Admiring her choice of jewelry or telling her you noticed her foxy dancing will sound more sincere and less sleazy than simply saying she’s sexy.

Keep the conversation positive and upbeat. Don’t discuss anything which is bringing you down, be it work, sore knees or your neighbor’s barking dog. Never, ever criticize the chick that you’re hitting on and resist making snide remarks about any of the people around you – not only would it make you appear like a negative person, but you can almost guarantee they would turn out to be her best friend.

When she asks you about yourself give honest, confident answers. Tell her what you enjoy and what you’re good at, but never brag or imply that you’re better than everyone else, and resist any urge to be self-critical.

If you’re stuck for topics, pop culture gossip is great to fall back on. Ask her whose song is playing or tell her which gig or movie you last went to. Girls love to discuss the bizarre habits of the stars, so by simply mentioning a celebrity you can give your conversation a whole new lease of life.

Remember that she’s nervous, too. Chicks are just as keen to meet you as you are to meet them, so you won’t be the only one worrying about unplanned pauses. However, if things really do seem to be drying up, tell her that there’s somewhere you have to be or somebody you have to speak to and ask if you can have her number before you leave.

When it comes to talking to girls, many men put themselves under undue pressure. The fact is, most girls love to talk, so by simply learning which questions are likely to get them started you can all but guarantee a conversation. Deliver your lines honestly, positively and without breaking a sweat and you’ll soon discover that she really is pleased to meet you.

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