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All About Your Wedding – Planning and Preparing …

People often say that wedding comes once in a lifetime. Once cupid hits your heart, then you have just found the point of no return. When everything has been said and done, you will be heading towards one end point – marriage. Marriage is no joke, it is a serious commitment that you will live for a lifetime.

When we think of getting married, we immediately think of having a wedding ceremony. This event is very significant as it binds the bride and groom in marriage. It is the time where the couple will finally say goodbye to their single and begins their married life.

Starting With The Wedding Plan

Indeed, planning a wedding is an extreme task. Often times, married couples would tend to tell you their story on how they went through their wedding preparation as well as their wedding day. They may tend to tell you how they were pressured, how many headaches they have suffered just to make their wedding celebration successful. This may seem to shatter your dream wedding, however don not take heed of these stories. You can always do planning as exciting and enjoyable as your wedding day itself. You don’t have to drown yourself just to prepare for your wedding. Don’t dread your own preparation, rather take it one step at a time with a clear and stress-free mind.

Basic Steps In Planning A Wedding

To make things a lot easier for you, begin reading magazines, books or online sources that specialize weddings. These are good source of wedding information that you may also follow to start with your own wedding plan. Consider to gather as many information as you can. If you think you can’t handle the entire process then it is time for you to hire a wedding planner, if you are not on such a tight budget. Wedding planner who is expert when it comes to wedding could definitely help you make things easier.

However, if you are one of many couples with tight budget, you could start with creating a wedding list. Begin with the major details then expand then elaborate each accordingly. A wedding is typically consists of two parts, the wedding ceremony and the reception. Below is the outline on how your wedding should proceed.

I. The Ceremony

A. Wedding day: Finalize the date, time, venue and celebrant of the wedding.

B. Entourage: Finalize the wedding attendants who will play the as Groomsmen, Best Man, Bridesmaids, Maid of Honor, Flower Girl, Ring Bearer and others.

C. Invitations: Finalize the Guest List; number of invitations, seats and wedding favors.

D. Wedding Outfits: Prepare the bridal gown, groom’s formal wear, and attendants wardrobes. This includes jewelries as well.

E. Wedding Car: Whether you will hire a wedding car or use your own. Also transportation for the guests, from getting to the wedding church to transporting to the wedding reception.

F. Decorations: Floral arrangements, centerpieces, bridal bouquet and corsages.

G. Others: Included are the wedding rings, unity candles, veil, garter, cords and other things needed during the ceremony.

II. The Reception.

A. The final time and venue of the reception.

B. Menu: You may have the reception menu from a catering service or cook them your own.

C. Wedding cake.

D. Wedding Reception Decoration: Your florist is the one who should decorate your reception venue, that is if you hire one.

E. Program proper: Ask someone to host the wedding reception, his or her responsibilities would involve the emcee of the affair and the over all supervisor of the program. The program include the wedding speeches, wedding dance, throwing of bridal bouquet, removing the wedding garter, giving out wedding favors, etc.

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