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Advice On Dating: Should You Say Yes Or No To Your Date?

So, you have been asked for a date. Great! However in some cases you might not be willing to go out for a date. There might be a lot of reasons for this: your mood is bad, you are not sure whether you like the person who asked you for a date, you are tired after a long working day and so on.

Such situation is common, just listen to yourself and know when you should agree to go out and when you should refuse a date.

It is likely that there will be people who are really interested in spending time with you and know you better. You should be wise enough to understand the intentions behind each invitation. Just as there are people who are kind, thoughtful and sincere, there are also people who are only concerned of their egos that might hurt your feelings.

It is not wrong to say no if you do not like going out with the person who just asked you for a date. Also it is wrong to say yes for the sake of politeness even if you obviously do not want to go out for a date with that particular person. Be honest with yourself when deciding whether to accept an invitation or not.

Say yes if you really mean saying yes, and say no if you really mean saying No. If you will not follow these recommendations you will be fooling the person who asked you for a date, and the most important: you will be fooling yourself. You might end up denying your true feelings and make it a habit to live in lies.

These are the circumstances when you should say Yes to your potential date:
1. you like the person and you really want to know him or her better;
2. you are interested to know the real intentions of the person;
3. you are mature enough to handle yourself;
4. you are responsible for your actions;
5. you are sure of the integrity and honesty of the person;
6. you enjoy dating activities;
7. you like the place where you are planning to go;
8. you feel good about yourself;
9. you want to give sometime off from your boring life; and
10. you see that it is a good opportunity to communicate with the other people.

These are the circumstances when you should say No to your potential date:

1. you honestly do not like behaviour of your potential date;
2. you have recognized a malicious intention;
3. you feel lazy, are in bad mood and do not feel like going out for a date;
4. you will just mess up the date by your tantrums and irritable spirit;
5. you will pick on the faults of the person;
6. you are not mentally and emotionally prepared to go out;
7. you feel you are forced to do it;
8. you know the person is far too demanding;
9. there is an emergency.

There are a lot of reasons whether to say yes or to say no to the person. Your genuine response will unlikely offend the person because he or she will definitely sense your good vibes and honesty. If the person really likes you the negative answer will not be treated as offence. It might be that because of his or her patience you will soon realize that he or she actually intends only the best for you.

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