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6 Top Dating Secrets For Men: Online Or Offline

There are thousands of “How to’s” to get Miss Right. Despite that availability of advice, more men are desperate to find someone to love.

Men have a different psychological make up, as compared to women. Their emotional build is directly related to physical attractions. Due to their focus on physical attraction, sometimes they are too aggressive even in their dating lives. Their aggressiveness may signal a negative behavior that concerns most women.

Those men who are aggressive in a dating situation are more likely to be disappointed later, when she refuses to return his phone calls. Disappointments may lead to depression and low self-esteem, which frequently leads to even worse behavior by those fellows looking for love.

Many men look for Ms. Right at the office, church, school, in their neighborhood, or on the Internet. The following tips may help you attract and keep the woman of your dreams:

1. Keep it cool

If you like a woman, do not be too forward. Girls usually become more defensive when a man is really aggressive. Even if she likes you, she will never respond positively to overt aggression. As to online dating, never say that you love or want to marry the girl too soon. Women are smart. (Guys have seen this from “women” too.) Many have learned that the person who jumps too quickly to love or marriage is likely a con man or con woman looking to make a score, or someone who is simply desperate, which frequently indicates that there is a good reason why that person is still alone.

2. Take time

Girls prefer if a man is sincere and genuine. Girls’ sense if a man is hypocritical and egoistic. There may be attraction during the first meeting, but you should value the respect that you can give and she expects. Listen to what her sentiments are. Ask questions that would make her feel important. Be interested. Be real.

3. Look beyond the packaging

Do not look at women as somebody who will fulfil your physical needs only. Women want to be accepted as they are first, and as they could be in the future. Women are rightfully wary of men who are keen to take advantage. Women must protect themselves from a world full of dangerous people. Women naturally seek a relationship, rather than a roll in the hay, and a relationship requires respect going two ways, from you-to-her and her-to-you.

4. You only have one chance to make a good first impression

When you have finally agreed to meet physically for a traditional date or a casual one, give a good impression. NEVER wear a sloppy outfit, let alone wear slippers to your date. Women will generally spend a lot of time getting ready for a date; in fact, they might have even gone to beauty shop to get their hair done earlier in the day. If she took great care to fix herself up for you, and you did not take any time to prepare yourself for her, she will be insulted. This does not mean that you can never be yourself on that first date, but if you want to leave her with a good impression, you should invest in yourself as much as what she will invest in herself.

5. Be caring

The one thing that would make a woman think about you the whole night after your date is when you successfully made her believe and sense that she was in your mind the whole time you were together. Stories and thoughts that revolve around your discussion should be focused on her most of the time. Of course, kindhearted women will initiate to change topics and know more about you as well. Just be careful not to talk about yourself too much. Once you take the time to understand that everyone’s favorite topic is his or her self, then you will find yourself prepared to talk about her favorite topic, leaving her with the impression that you care more about her than you.

6. Be creative and exciting

The last thing women will want you to be is boring. If you are, the woman’s mind will wander to other things more interesting than you. She might think that her time was better spent feeding the dog than talking to you. Be creative. Be spontaneous. Make the girl happy. Remember again that she might just appreciate you more, when you have actually invested more into your date with her than any other man has ever done with her.

The best way to get a woman’s favor whether online or in person is to see how she sees things without compromising your own perceptions and values as well. Be a man. Be brave enough that to care for the woman and show respect to her. Show her how you can look outside of yourself to put the importance and focus on her and your relationship with her.

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