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6 Tips For Your Bridal Session

There are two times in your life that you will be the beautiful blushing bride. One will be the most magical day of your life, the day which you walk down the aisle before all of your friends and family. The other time will most likely take place before you mom or maid of honor as well as strangers who continuously stop to tell you how stunning you look.

After the wedding date has been set, the plans have been made, the dress has been chosen and the venue has been booked you will prepare for one of the most important parts of your wedding day: your bridal portraits. When your guests arrive at your reception, the first thing they will look for is the stunning pictures of you, the bride. In the following article you will find important key tips for creating the most beautiful bridal portraits for your wedding day.

Tip 1: Bridals are all about Location, Location, Location

One of the most significant parts to your bridal session is the location you choose. You want to find a location that inspires you and your beauty. Spend time considering whether you want an indoor portrait, or something outside in nature. Consider whether you are looking for a more traditional bridal session in a flower garden, or something more modern such as a train station. Choosing your location is definitely the starting point to creating perfect bridal portraits.

Tip 2: Bridal Location: What Questions Should You Ask

When you have decided on a location you will want to run though a list of questions before the day of your bridal session. Consider the following questions for your bridal venue.

1.) How much does it cost to have my bridal session here?

2.) How much time does my photographer have?

3.) Is there a changing room where I can get ready for my portraits? This is a critical question because sometimes venues do not offer changing rooms. You will need to plan ahead if this is the case because you might have to get dressed before you leave your home or find another location closer to your venue to change at. Make sure you look into this. You do not want to get to your bridals and have nowhere to change except a public restroom.

4.) How many guests can I have with me, including the photographer?

Tip 3: What Does Your Wedding Photographer Supply for Your Bridal Portraits
In this article we are assuming that you have already chosen your photographer, and we hope that the photographer who is shooting your bridal portraits is also the one photographing your wedding day. Choosing the same photographer for both your bridal session and wedding is important because your bridal portraits are a time when you can truly get to know your photographer so you are comfortable with him/her on your wedding day. With that being said, you will want to find out what your photographer supplies for your bridal session. Here are some things to consider:

1.) White Sheet: Does your photographer supply a white sheet in case you need to stand on it to keep your beautiful wedding dress from getting dirty before you big day. If the photographer doesn’t supply a white sheet, bring one.

2.) Drinks: Find out if your photographer is bringing drinks for you especially if your bridals take place in warmer temperatures. If he/she doesn’t supply drinks, come prepared. You will be much hotter in your wedding dress and you don’t want to faint during the session.

3.) Ice Packs: See if your photographer supplies ice packs for bridals photographed in warm/hot seasons. Again, if they don’t, bring a cooler with ice as well as plastic bags. This way you can make your own icepacks which can keep you cool between takes. Also consider bringing a few wash cloths that can keep any condensation from dripping on your dress. Dish cloths make perfects wraps around your neck between takes as well.

Tip 4: Bridal Session: This Is The Real Deal, Not A Trial Run
Remember that your bridal session is the real deal and you only get one shot at it. Don’t wait for your bridal session to try out the makeup artist and hair stylist for the first time. Prior to your bridal session do a full run through with your makeup artist, hair stylist and your dress. Have your mom or friend take pictures of you so that when you go in for your bridal session everyone is clear on how you want to look. If you wait till your bridal session to test out everyone you might not get exactly what you were hoping for. The bridal session is too important. Make sure you are prepared. Treat this photo shoot as if you were preparing for your wedding day.

Tip 5: Surround Yourself With People You Love

Your bridal session will be an amazing experience. Nothing compares to being all dolled up in your wedding dress. This is supposed to be a fun time where you transform into a model for a day. It’s all about you and your beauty. So, surround yourself with people who love you. You want this time to be stress free so choose people to help you on the bridal shoot that are encouraging and loving whether that be your mom or your dearest friend.

Tip 6: Bridal Essentials: Don’t Leave Home Without Them

Your bridal session day will most likely be hectic, so be prepared. There are certain things you do not want to leave home without the day of your bridal session. Perhaps pack these items the night before so you are sure to not forget anything as you are running about the day of.

1.) Powder – It’s always good to have your powder compact on you, especially for your bridals. If it is warm outside, you may sweat. Bring your powder.

2.) Blush – You want to make sure you bring blush because an extra hint of color on your cheeks goes a long way.

3.) Lip Stick – The shoot may last a few hours. It’s always good to have lipstick on hand for touchups. Don’t simply rely on your makeup artists’ application. Make sure you have your own lipstick to freshen up with.

4.) Lip Gloss – Make your lips look sexy with a touch of lip gloss. A hint of lip gloss goes a long way.

5.) Bobby Pins and Hairspray – Bring these items just in case it’s windy outside. You want to have extra on hand so your hair looks perfect from start to finish.

6.) Flip Flops – You don’t want to walk everywhere in your wedding heels. So, bring some comfortable shoes along with you.

With these 6 Tips you will be ready for your bridal session, one of the most important aspects of your wedding day. When your guests arrive at your reception they will be greeted by stunning images of you, the unforgettable bride.

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