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5 Ways to Spice Up Your Relationship

Is your love not paying attention to you lately? When you’re at a stage where your love regards you as their second priority, this can be a problem that leads to a boring relationship. A boring relationship can often lead to breakups and even affairs. Perhaps the only thing you’re missing is just a little spice between you and your lover. Play with these ideas so you guys can spark up that attraction between you two again!

1. Buy a Massaging Kit And Perform It On Each Other

Massages are fun and are great for loosening up your guys’ muscles. Not only do you get to do a lot of touching and feeling, but they bring out the best in soothing and sensual experiences. Usually the packages include a massager, scented oils, candles, and even a guide to hit those hot spots! It feels good to do this activity right before a nice hot and steamy shower.

2. Try Out A Dance Class With Your Lover

Try something new like taking dance lessons with your love (even if you’re a bad dancer!). It will be fun. There are so many different types of dancing styles that you can find out there to suit you and your lover’s needs. Not only does dancing let you maintain a sharp mind throughout the rest of the day, but it keeps you in great shape. Some popular couple’s dances includes ballroom dancing if you and your lover are classy, waltz type people or if you’re looking for something more fast paced and zesty, try swing or salsa!

3. Randomly Bring Your Lover Out On A Secret Adventure

Most couples these days just stay home and watch TV all day. TV shouldn’t be your guys’ main source of adventure. Be spontaneous! Here’s an idea. Pick the most random day out of the week (knowing that you guys both have time) and don’t tell your love where you guys are going, then treat them out to a nice day spa. Enjoy the ultimate relaxation with your lover in a candle-lit room with soft music.

4. Feed Each Other Creative Romantic Foods

Go to the nearest grocery store and buy some colorful, sweet (or sour if you prefer sourness) fruits. Cut them up into small pieces and mix them into a bowl with ice cubes (you can end up using the ice cubes for something else later…). Some couple favorites are strawberry’s dipped in a bowl of chocolate syrup, or whipped cream if you don’t want to get too messy.

5. Lie Down And Watch The Stars Together

Spark up that romance again by going out to a place where you can just relax and watch the stars together. Bring a cozy blanket and cuddle up next to each other. Tell some funny, embarrassing stories or deep, meaningful experiences that you’ve never shared before to your love. Perhaps you can also joke around by making up star formation names and seeing if they’ll believe you or not. Either way, pop the champagne, bring out the cheese and crackers, and let the romantic midnight blue sky pass you two by.

tristan lee is passionate about helping couples elevate their relationships. for more tips on flirting, kissing, and keeping the romance alive, visit http://www.letsgocouples.com.

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