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5 Manly Personality Traits That Are Seductive to Women

Ask any group of girls to describe their ideal man and each one will give you a different answer. While one lusts after silent beefcakes another goes gushy over geeks in glasses. Some chicks love brains, some brawn, the more demanding among them want both. The truth is, there’s no such thing as the universally perfect guy.

This is great news for us men. It means that whatever you look like, there is a girl who wants you. Whatever your interests or occupation, there’s a chick who finds you fascinating.

But what if you want to broaden your appeal by making yourself attractive to as many girls as possible?

Luckily, there are certain character traits which almost every woman finds desirable. Read on to discover what they are.

1. A Sense of Humor

We are forever being told that women want a man with a sense of humor. We are being told this because it is true.

If you can make a woman laugh she will quickly come to associate spending time in your company with feelings of happiness. In the shorter term, putting a smile on a girl’s face is the simplest way of putting her at ease.

Bear in mind that girls are rarely amused by mad pranks and crude jokes. Instead, deliver a selection of amusing anecdotes and master the art of the irreverent wisecrack.

2. Ambition

Many men believe that every girl wants a guy with money. This is not necessarily true. Sure, most chicks would love to dine in the finest restaurants and relax in your penthouse apartment – but accumulated wealth means less to them than your future ambitions.

Even a penniless student can impress a girl if he has big dreams. Make it clear that not only do you have great goals but that you are actively pursuing them and your determination will soon win her over.

3. Attentiveness

Every girl loves to feel like she’s special, and that’s exactly how you should treat her.

On a first date, show some good old-fashioned manners. Hold doors open for her, pick up the check and offer her your jacket if she’s cold.

When she talks to you, listen. Don’t let your eyes wander across the room and don’t interrupt her with exciting tales of your own. Bear in mind that when women share their problems they’re looking for sympathy not solutions, so keep your helpful suggestions to yourself for now, squeeze her hand and wear your best supportive smile.

4. Confidence

If you don’t think you deserve her attention, why should she bother giving it to you?

Women don’t want to spend all evening reassuring you that you’re worth spending time with. Learn to ignore those niggling doubts about yourself and fake some self esteem. Stand up straight and resist the urge to hide in the corners. Meet her eyes, smile widely and consciously maintain a slow, steady tone of voice.

If you can act like you’re someone special, she will believe that you are.

5. A Sense of Fun

Whether your aim is a one night stand or a series of dates, boredom and negativity are your worst enemies. Don’t complain to her and don’t lecture her about everything that’s wrong with the world. Instead, focus on the positive. Approach your time together with energy and enthusiasm, show spontaneity and tell her about all the fun and exciting ways you like to live your life.

Invite her to try something new, tease her and tell her jokes, or simply show enthusiasm for the future. You can become any woman’s ideal man; you just have to be the one who makes her smile.

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