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10 Warning Signs That Your Lover Is Cheating Online

With the Internet it has never been easier to meet people who want to cheat or have an affair. This can be a nightmare for those who suspect that their lover is cheating on them. Are they just working on the computer? What are they doing on there? Who are they talking too?

In this article were going to take a look at some signs to look for.

Sign #1: Spending All Night On The Computer

This is the first and most obvious sign. If your lover is on the computer late at night chatting then you may want to look into this a little bit more. This is a big concern when it occurs regularly or on certain days of the week.

Sign #2: Bills To Online Services

It pays to check bank statements and credit card statements. Most of these online services use very discrete billing names. You might want to do a little research into some of these names online to find out what they really are.

Sign #3: Frantic Mouse Clicking

When you enter the room you may hear some very frantic mouse clicking. This is so they can hide what ever it is that they were doing. This holds even more true if you hear lots of typing before you enter the room.

Sign #4: The Need For A Scanner Or Digital Camera

If they are cheating online the other party is going to want to see what they look like. So if out of nowhere they buy a scanner or digital camera look out. Of course they could buy one for another reason, but that is just something you should keep in mind.

Sign #5: Signing Up To Multiple Email Accounts

This is a fairly good sign. But there is one problem. What is it? How do you find out if your lover has signed up for multiple accounts? The only way you can tell is if they forget to logout or have some spy software on their computer.

Sign #6: Their Surfing History

If they don’t delete their history you can find out what sites they have been on. Most will be clever enough to cover their tracks though. The way around this is to get yourself some good spy software.

Sign #7: Won’t Let You Use Their Computer

Will your lover not let you use their computer? Have they gotten a new one just for themselves? Have they gotten you one of your own. This could be a way to keep you away from theirs.

Sign #8: Passwords

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